The Narrow Road (14a) – haiku – December 22, 2015

Old cemetary

autumn day
dressed in yellow sunflowers
our last farewell

© G.s.k. ‘15

Carpe Diem #884 on our way home: the scent of early rice, the tomb also shakes, autumn coolness, red more red, a lovely name, how pitiful

the tomb also shakes
my weeping voice is
the autumn wind

© Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)

Free Verse: Funerals not a one

Carlyle Illinois

Free Verse

Funerals not a one

I’ll not be at your funeral
because you won’t be dead
you’ll live within my memory
and we’ll walk and talk again.

I’ll not be at your funeral
to see the people cry
you never like dramatics
so why contribute should I?

I’ll not be at your funeral
because I love you, so
why should I deprive myself
of knowing you are near?

I never go to funerals
especially of those I love
let the others lose their contacts
I’ll keep my friends here inside.

I never go to birthings
(nor does anyone else)
the intimacy of passings
are a very private affair.

We’ve created funerals
to publicize our loss
to let the whole wide world see
our copious tears that fall.

Now I sit here and think of all
the deaths that I’ve not shared
of all the millions in this world
who among us are passing every day
in royal houses
in rural mud huts
among the bombs
or through old age
and I won’t go to their funerals
not a one.