Mr. Chef’s Invitation…

The Chef

The Chef

Pot bellied buddy
extendis his invitation:
come and eat with me,
I’ve got everything you need!
Lasagne, cannelloni, tramezzini
wash them down with Pinot Grigio,
if that isn’t enough my friend,
then I’ve a Torta Margherita!
And once you’ve finished
sit back with an espresso …
then float inside your dreamy world
of food induced digressions!

Written under the influence of Mr. Know it Alls –  Flash Friday 55


Seasons 2: Ragnarök

Free Verse


Seasons come and go
into labyrinths they flow…
One man’s Spring
Brings blooms
Another’s thorns.

Summer’s first fruit eaten
The rest may go rotten…
During Autumn we harvest
grain and grapes…
Winter, Gaia lays fallow:
She rests and hibernates.

With men it’s different:
Ragnarök is our winter fate
Battle never won by Gods or men.


Written for dVerse Poet’s Pub: 55 word free form prompt:

Tonight, I invite you to contribute your own 55-word poem.

Yes, that’s the only rule: The poem (not including the title) should have 55 words, no more, no less.

It’s not required, but if you wanted use a metrical or rhyming framework to the poem – to differentiate it from 55-word prose – it would be amazing.

And folks, let’s link to the G-man and other 55-word groups, and help bring together communities meant to encourage a love affair with writing.

This is also submitted to G-Man’s 55 where the prompt is to write in exactly 55 words.