Wordeling with Mindlovesmisery! July 22, 2014



1. Gaslight 2. Niveous (resembling snow) 3. Disfigure 4. Lace 5. Velleity (noun: volition in its weakest form, a wish unaccompanied by effort) 6. Mausoleum 7. Echo 8. Tilt 9. Sandstone 10. Cadaver 11. Sibyl (a female prophet) 12. Ebony


Walking through Delphi’s ruins,
I came upon Sibyl’s mausoleum
Though it was disfigured by time,
The sandstone steps uneven and tilted
And its marble columns reclined …
I thought lightly to make a query,
To know what my future held.

The dark ebonyt sky was filled,
With a niveous cloud of gnats
Illuminated by soft gaslight,
Around which they danced.
The swarm brought to my mind,
A ghostly ephemeral vision …
Of the prophetess, now long gone.

I wrote upon some parchment,
What I wished to know from her,
Then with a piece of lace I tied it,
Then laughingly, placed it on her tomb.
(The velleity of a true response,
Was plain for all to see,
I believed not in destiny,
Nor that it applied to me.)

When I went to sleep that night,
I dreamt a wondrous dream …
Of ancient kings and mighty gods
Who once walked proudly the Earth …
I saw a veiled cadaver,
Laying cold on a marble  slab
‘Twas that of some noble lady …
Revered and surely dead.

She rose upon her cold marble bed,
Then she looked at me and spoke
That which you’ve written I’ve read …
Now listen to what your future holds
For all I say will be as I’ve said.
Then for a time she sang a song …
‘Twas my life from birth to death …
I know it’s so, now,  that I am very old.

Written for Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie – Wordle # 18

Free Verse: Ghost Lady

Ghost lady

Free Verse

Ghost lady

One day in St. Louis

I went to have a bite

the place was so exciting

I thought I’d take some


I’m sure I didn’t see you

I’m sure we’ll never meet

but you came up in my archives

and started me wondering…

how often do I walk

along a road or path

how often might I sit

in a crowded bar

or café

but it’s as though

I ‘m alone

I ignore those

around me

lost up in



until something happens

that brings to my attention

like just now,

 a ghost



remind me,

others were always there.