Thursday Poetry Prompt: Honor

This week’s Thursday Poetry Prompt at We Drink Papi gave us just one word: Honor…

On my honor,
I will try…to do my duty
to God and my Country
to help other people at all times
and to obey the Girl Scout Law.

For six years I said this pledge
with three fingers in the air
solemnly believing
every single word I said…

though the years have passed
and I rebelled against
the system
illusions that were weaved
to trample people into poverty

though my country
has become a planet
and I don’t believe in gods
that pledge
is still a part of me…

the law that I pledged to then:
honesty and being fair
helping people everywhere
to be considerate and to care
to be courageous and to be strong
responsible for my words
respect myself and others
and to make a better world…


I still feel honor bound
to obey these “silly” laws
and renew this vow still now
with every action that I take
I try to integrate
that childhood ideal…
because it’s good
and is a part of me.

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