Sadness – Free Verse – June 16, 2015


another birthday gone
and again I wasn’t present
they grow each day so tall
and I’ve missed their growing-up
how life’s twists and turns
leaving so much just unfinished
still even now I look
and see that life goes on

cry not for me my friend
I do that enough myself
my road took me this way
it was a conscious choice you know,
when I was just a kid
fallen from my bike
I laid upon the road
watched the clouds drifting by
and saw that life goes on.

no ties no bonds no chains
and no affection too
once you’ve chosen this lonely road
no on can comfort you
dependence has a price
that everyone must pay it
but the children soon grow-up
like clouds they drift away
and still live goes on.

© G.s.k. ‘15


Photo Challenge #65, Sadness, June 16, 2015

A Remade Studebaker – Friday Fictioneers – November 7, 2014

PHOTO PROMPT - Copyright - Jean L. Hays

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Jean L. Hays

She hates growing old.

She’s wearing high heels and red tights under her Japanese-like white silk kimono. Large sequined sunglasses rest on her nose. Her hair should be white but it’s raven black, you can see a white halo around her scalp.

She changes her ‘mise’ at least three times a day, then goes for a walk around town, strutting like a peacock.  Everybody recognizes her but no one ever talks to her.

She’s a remade 1950s Studebaker trying to look like a Mercedes-Benz sports car.

guising from herself
hiding from her fear of life
in mummer’s rags

(c) G.s.k. ’14

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Sunday Whirl – August 3, 2014

 Sunday Whirl


Another dark day,
I reflect with irritation,
It seems the sun won’t shine this year…
I see no signal
that August will be better,
Than rainy July and June,
I hear the sound of raindrops …
A gay pitter-patter on my roof.

I long for the summers
Of my spring years …
I long to absorb that warmth …
And the bliss of star bright evenings
My memories jumbled,
Disclose my appetite
For flamboyant youth …
I think, “but what’s the point … ”
How quickly I tire,
A sign that my autumn has come …
But there … a break in the clouds at last.