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Dawn Thoughts – August 2, 1014

Thoughts About Persimmons …

This morning I was thinking about persimmons.  Here in Trentino, as indeed most of northern Italy, you can find persimmon trees all over the place.  In private or public gardens they abound and when it’s persimmon season the ground under the trees are often covered with this delicious fruit.

The persimmon is a delicate fruit which looks kind of like an orange tomato.  Some new breeds have a thicker skin, but the classical persimmon is thin-skinned, it’s fruit reminds me of jelly and when ripe is very sweet with its own particular flavor.

You can find persimmons for sale for about 3 weeks to a month, then nothing until the next autumn.  Often people just can’t gather all the fruit from their persimmon trees and so the garden becomes a lurid muck of rotting fruit, so people are usually happy if you’ll take some off their hands! They can’t be preserved and you can’t even make a decent jelly out of the fruit.

I think this is one of the few fruits that has defied our push to conquer nature.  It refuses to comply, like apples or oranges.  Not even the new breeds can be conserved for months on end like apples which have become the symbol of our region.  Bravo for the persimmon tree!  Of course the birds love this tree and no one chases them off.

Here are some photos of  persimmon trees that can be found in Riva del Garda, Arco and in the fields around my house.  Aren’t they cool in their stark leaflessness with only the fruit there to decorate the tree?

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ripe persimmons
colorful sybil of winter
in Trentino

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai . Shuukan

Dawn Thoughts – July 11, 2014


Morning Reflections – Haibun

Funny, now that spring’s past, dawn’s silence is almost deafening.  I went out onto my terrace to look at the first rays of sun seep over the mountains behind my house.  To think, if it weren’t for the mountains dawn would have been here at 5:00, I mean the sun, not just the reverberations of its light.

A blackbird sat on the roof-tiles.  He looked at me as I intruded on his morning meditations then flitted off.  I don’t think he was offended though.  Down in the courtyard below, for a few minutes the swallows chattered in their nests.  Must have been the kids asking for breakfast!  The usual cock crowed – but he’ll crow whether there light or no.

In the winter, by this time, it’s now 7:00 (the bells in the center of our village have just done their duty of pealing for about 5 full minutes) there is usually traffic out in the streets … taking kids to school mostly.  Now that schools are closed, I no longer hear the cars or moped.

One good piece of news!  It isn’t raining!  Maybe we’ll have a full day of sun-shine and more importantly, maybe the temperatures will rise, it’s felt like fall here the past few days.

summer silence
dawn greeting Bolognano
the clock’s ticking

Dawn Thoughts – July 2, 2014

More Rain

More Rain


autumn cold in june
rain washes the mountains
trekkers in ponchos


in Rome they say
that temperatures are high
in our valley though
we shiver in autumn rain
need a train ticket!


Yesterday I got up early, as usual, but I was isolated once again from the world!  By good luck, or perhaps it was just fate, I’d begun the evening before, writing in Word ™, a poem for Oloriel’s Monday Poetry Prompt … and I had downloaded Yves’ Wordle from Mindovermisery’s Menagerie.  So I had the chance to write, though not publish.  My biggest worry was that I couldn’t put up my Pixelventures weekly prompt.

Internet connected around 9:30 but by then, my family was up and getting breakfast ready, my son having plans to leave early to get back to his studies in Padua.

The connection popped on and off all day.  So, I finally did what I’d planned a week or so ago.  My hubby had given me a new HDD … a fantastic roomy new hard disk with a terabyte of place to fill up!  But, I had two problems: the first is in November I’d had a friend put Ubuntu up on my computer and couldn’t get Windows to boot without it, and the second was that I didn’t want to spend a lot of downtime reinstalling my system – losing 6 years of updates to boot! (That’s how long my present system has been running!)

I did a quick search in order to solve the first problem and found the answer at Informatica Libera Antonio Cantaro, yes, I searched in Italian … because I’ve always worked with computers here in Italy and understand computer stuff in Italian . English is Greek to me when it comes to computers!  Fix in a jiffy! (I used the second suggestion – rebuilding my MBR and boot with my Windows installation CD).

I resolved second problem thanks to a second reasearch result … this time at Locker Gnome (in English) and learnt how to clone my old system onto my new hard disk with Todo Backup by EaseUs  making it possible to just change the disk and keep all my old configuration and data!

It worked a charm!  Then, since my computer was open, my husband did a little dusting on the inside of my case and he changed my “alimentatore” too (which feeds electricity to the computer maybe power source in English?) with a bigger one and by 9:00 in the evening, I had a refurbished computer with a terabyte of space to slosh around in (my former HDD was 180 gigabytes).  There are a few little quirks I admit.  I’ll have to reinstall my antivirus for example and the start-up is a little sluggish so I’ll have to look into that, but so far it works fine.

annoying morning
creates a chance for change
learning new skills

Have a great day!  Bastet

A Photo That Inspires – Leanne Cole – June 20, 2014

(c) Leanne Cole

(c) Leanne Cole

The Bench

Years past, bushes and undergrowth grew ever higher in the abandoned garden.  Once so full of sun-shine and summer glow, now the pathway seems to go through a mysterious forest, something you might have read about in a fantasy novel. Continue reading

Haiku Mix – Midday Nap

Elfje (shaken not stirred 😉 )
the child’s eyes
sweet midday nap

after lunch
my eyes, heavy
wanting only to dream,

American Sentence
Birds still at midday, all is silent, as we nap in June’s summer heat.


summer heat invites
young and old to slumber
in cool shadows


sea breeze lulls to sleep
summer day
midday nap
dreaming of gulls and sail boats
I sleep away the heat


When I was a child, I never liked to have to sleep in the day-time, though my mother did.  Coming to Italy and then living in Africa, I grew to appreciate the “siesta”,  eventually and now, as I sit in the afternoons, ostensibly reading in my easy chair…I often find I’ve taken a nap.  😉

life circles ’round
sleep the adults like children
in the midday heat

I’ve written this haiku mix for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai # 454 … Midday Nap and NaPoWriMo 2014


Sunday Walk in Verse – Haibun

This morning the rain, is falling again, not really heavy, more like a thin mist.  Watered down gruel rain, one could call it or thin oatmeal rain. A messy mushy rain. Fact is, I’m tired of rain and thinking of rain and seeing rain!  Thank heaven’s I have my imagination, so today, I’ll take a Sunday walk in my imagination!

The grass, is a tender green, spring has just begun.  First blooms are blossoming at last, the swallows have begun to return and over past few weeks the blackbirds have been wooing their lady loves with their beautiful warbling song.

The sun is warm this morning on my back as I begin this early morning walk from Bolognano to the lake down in Torbole.  The warm air is a delight to my soul after the long dark and dreary winter.  Of course, we never got the really bad snow falls and storms that hit most of Europe, the United States and Canada.  I was happy to see that the sun has finally melted off the last of the snow and the temperatures have risen, even there!

Today, my first walk to the lake.  It’s been awhile since I’ve done that!  So, off I go, but first a stop off at Arco for breakfast and then…to the bike path and on to Torbole!  What a beautiful day!

springtime in my mind
blackbirds, swallows and sunshine

(now, to complete this walk, take a click over to Through the Eye of Bastet!)

Photo Fiction: September 29, 2013 (Haibun)

Photo Fiction: September 22nd 2013

It’s been six months since I started this Photo Fiction. I want to thank each of you who has brought this to where it is today. Without your posts, I would not be able to keep this going, so a big THANK YOU to you all.

The idea of the Photo Fiction is to use the photo below as a prompt for a story of around 100-200 words – Flash Fiction. Whether a story, a poem, a haiku … anything you wish.





Just out walking along the lake, wandering and wondering, with no destination in mind.  The day, hot and sticky, gnats fly around my head, and there’s some insect biting too!

Time stops when I walk alone.  A water bird flies over head and doesn’t seem to mind that I am here, he lands not far from me.

I sit down on a fallen log and decide to just listen.  Cicadas buzzing loud, could that be a mating call I ask myself, why do cicadas buzz like that!

A frog or could it be a toad starts to sing his song.  With all the flies and insects, I think he’s singing his tavern song, drunk and sated from his feasting!

A jet flies over head to remind me of humanity.

life all around unheeded
magic is stopping
poetic listening

Haibun: Mud Puddles

Ligo Haibun Challenge – Choose Your Quote

My choice:  The World is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderul – E.E. Cummings


Mud Puddles

When I was little, I loved the rain, because there were lots of lovely puddles to splash in with my red rubber boots!  I walked to school, back then it was common, my school was no more than three blocks from my house.

In autumn and spring, it rained a lot, so even on mornings when the sun came out, I still wore my boots carrying my shoes in a cloth bag inside my book bag, umbrella on my arm. When it did rain, my friend Helen and I would try to see who could make the biggest splashes!  First with one foot, then jumping in with both feet!  Oh, what wonderful fountains of water we made.

When I studied E.E. Cummings in high school, I thought back on those days and realized he was so right, when I’m happy: “The World is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful!”

splash in mud puddles
delight in rain bows
keep your heart young