Just a Note – My e-book is up! December 7, 2015

Book Cover

Book Cover

Hello Everyone!


My e-book, “Old Bamboo Wind Chimes (Peace of Mind)” , a collection of original haiku and waka I just finished writing is up on Carpe Diem Haiku Kai as of today.  You can click HERE to see the announcement and eventual comments about the book  and HERE to read on-line and eventually down-load the book.  You might remember on last week’s Just a Note I wrote all about the book and how it came to be that I was publishing with Chèvrefeuille’s Publications. The haiku below is the winning haiku with the photo I used to illustrate it in the new book.

Old Bamboo Wind Chimes

rain drips
off old bamboo wind-chimes

I was so excited to send the completed e-book off that ,unfortunately, I didn’t think to send Francesco Neri’s original cover-design to Chèvrefeuille (tell the truth I myself at this moment don’t have the original completed book-cover design myself!).  I hope to e-mail it to Chèvrefeuille some time today.  I’ll also add a link to the book at the side of my blog sometime later (I’ve got a full schedule this morning) … hope you enjoy the book!

Ciao,  Georgia


Arrival of Summer – Summer Kigo – June 1, 2015

The country side

The country side

walking in warm fields
crushed dill-weed sweetens the air
summer perfume

© G.s.k. ‘15

The June episodes of Carpe Diem Haiku Kai will be dedicated to summer and specifically to the modern kigo developed by Jane Reichhold – her dictionary can be found HERE.  I’ve chosen to use the summer plants category … dill.

Breaking News!!!


You might  remember,  this spring CDHK invited whomever would like to participate in a contest, the kukai was dedicated to Wisteria and the first prize was to be able to publish a haiku book on CDHK, our winner was Rallentanda from Australia.  Her haiku book was published yesterday under the title of “A Carpet of Purple” and can be downloaded now HERE.

And here’s a link for the Summer Kukai … remember that your work must be emailed before June 15th to: