La Pioggia d’Autunno – Haiku – January 25, 2016

sparrow with rain drops

per il passero
un’offerta d’acqua fresca
su un foglio rosso

[for the sparrow
an offer of fresh water
in a red leaf]

l’autunno passa
la pioggia diventò neve
nella notte

[autumn passes
the rain became snow
in the night]

goccia su goccia
il buco diventa –

[a drop at a time
the hole becomes –

la pioggia passa
attraverso l’ombrello
pluf, pluf, pluf

[under the umbrella
the rain passes through
plop, plop, plop]

G.s.k. ‘16

Carpe Diem Vernacular #2 autumn rains (herfstregenbuien)

Il Faro – The Lighthouse – (Haiku/Tanka) August 2, 2015


la sua luce
nella notte ci guida
il faro

suoi passi sta notte
vecchio faro
che naviga sicuro –
malgrado ‘ste tenebre


a flash in the night
guides his ship safely home
the lighthouse

sitting on the rocky shore
guide this ship
through life’s windy storms
to safe haven

© G.s.k. ‘15

Written for:  Carpe Diem #787 Lighthouse of Alexandria (reprise)

Today our host Chèvrefeuille also presented some of the beautiful haiku written on the occasion of the first presentation of this prompt:

Beyond the lighthouse
to some strange and distant land?
All you need is here.

© Magical Mystical Teacher (MMT)

bright beacon
in a stormy squall

© Cathy Tenzo (Haiku Plate Special)

passing over
the lighthouse again …
fish shadow

© Lolly of Lovely Things

ancient ship sailors’ night light
procession beacon

Procession beacon
glow for lovers’ evening strolls
solar garden lights

© Sun (Simply Charming)

Which inspired our host to write:

over the harbor
a lightflash

© Chèvrefeuille