Il Faro – The Lighthouse – (Haiku/Tanka) August 2, 2015


la sua luce
nella notte ci guida
il faro

suoi passi sta notte
vecchio faro
che naviga sicuro –
malgrado ‘ste tenebre


a flash in the night
guides his ship safely home
the lighthouse

sitting on the rocky shore
guide this ship
through life’s windy storms
to safe haven

© G.s.k. ‘15

Written for:  Carpe Diem #787 Lighthouse of Alexandria (reprise)

Today our host Chèvrefeuille also presented some of the beautiful haiku written on the occasion of the first presentation of this prompt:

Beyond the lighthouse
to some strange and distant land?
All you need is here.

© Magical Mystical Teacher (MMT)

bright beacon
in a stormy squall

© Cathy Tenzo (Haiku Plate Special)

passing over
the lighthouse again …
fish shadow

© Lolly of Lovely Things

ancient ship sailors’ night light
procession beacon

Procession beacon
glow for lovers’ evening strolls
solar garden lights

© Sun (Simply Charming)

Which inspired our host to write:

over the harbor
a lightflash

© Chèvrefeuille


Many Kinds of Deserts- Haiku and Tanka – June 18, 2015

wind off the tundra
swirling dervishes in white
under the midnight sun

lost in desert thoughts
arid wastelands in the world
and empty people
no map can find the desert
hidden in a person’s soul

© G.s.k. ‘15

Reading the haiku written today on Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, I came across Haiku Plate Special‘s offering, which inspired the above haiku … of course she’s absolutely right – there are many kinds of deserts … and the Alaskan Tundra is one of them and so’s an arid human soul:

town with no bookstores
she wanders the downtown

— There are many kinds of deserts.

Carpe Diem #757 desert

Oberon’s Dragonfly War – July 18, 2014 – Fun Poem

‘Twas the summer of 98
When they invaded his magic gate
Tiger mosquitos big as jets
Sucking the fairies to their death!

Brave king Oberon took up the challenge
He called out the Dragonfly brigade …
He launched the bloody war at once,
That’s now part of our history!

“Come to my aide my brave beasts,
I call upon your mighty wings …
Save my kingdom from these pests
Or my reign will soon be lost!”

The captain of the Dragonflies
Took off without a pause or hesitation …
And in the true spirit of a kamikaze
He took the battle to the evening skies.

They fought by day and they fought by night,
For the Tigers knew no rest!
Then calling their allies the Bats and Birds,
Who harried them even in their nests.

The battles raged and the fairies raved
At the prowess of the noble beasts …
The Tiger vampires met defeat
O’er the lands of Oberon!

Inspired by Cathy Tenzo’s Haiku – 16 July

Poetry Prompt # 18 – We Drink Because We’re Poets