Haibun: The Clock and the Collage

The clock

The clock and collage

A collage of original post cards and photographs are placed under the clock, not the usual cheap travel posters.  In fact, there aren’t any travel posters. It’s nearly 8:25, the travel bureau opened at 8.  I walk up to the young lady’s desk, she smiles.
“May I help you?”
She’s young and has a warm smile, an air of serenity.  I ask myself if she may help me.
“Did you go on a trip recently?” I enquire, not knowing why I’m there at all.
“Yes.” that’s all, just yes.
“I’d like to go there too.”
I buy the ticket and book the hotel.  I will be leaving the day after at 8:20 for Barcelona.

unknown goal
life offers surprises
through the serenity of a smile

Writing Prompt: What is a Haibun

The Clock and Collage