The Friday13th Turn Around – Fairy Tale

Now, Jack and Jill
Went with Hansel and Gretel
For a walk in the misty Black Forest …
The moon was shining very bright
And the sheep were in their byre.

In faery land the happy band
Of hopeful heroes and evil villans,
Looked on their calendars and shouted:
“Today is the turn around day! Hooray!”
But no one knew where the children were
Which was an unhappy turn for a certain witch…

The wicked witch (as some folks said)
Had after pondering, a sage idea:
“I’ll see the queen with the magic mirror
To tell me where they’ve went!”
So she traipsed off to the queen’s high loft
To pose the mighty question …
For it was only right, that the children might,
Play dark evil for at least one night!

Now if truth be told, as we all know,
The witch ends up in her own baking fire …
She’d contemplated that merry trick
To play on Hansel and Gretel.
The children knew what her plans would be,
They knew quite well when that day began,
So off they’d gone on their merry lark
With Jill and her brother Jack.

The moon was full and bright that night
And the mirror showed watery ripples
But he’d been affected by the magic of the day …
“The ones you seek are not far from here
They’re out walking near the Zuiderzee!”
The witch cackled in great glee
She would soon have them in her fire …
But on this day, the mirror could be a fanciful great liar!

The clock tick-tocked and midnight grew near
As the children walked in the misty Black Forest
The witching hour of midnight would clear
The turn around mystic power …
The wicked witch (as some folks said)
Flew quickly to the Zuider Zee
She could not find them and began to think
That she’d somehow been tricked again!

The clocks struck twelve and the world turned right
The children were saved from the fire that night!
(Though Jack didn’t fall and break his crown,
As he didn’t go get pails of water!
Jill fell down tripping on a root and broke her crown instead)
So until the next 13th Friday of the year
The world will be as it’s alway been …
But I wonder now about  some other tales …
Imagine if Cinderella were the evil step sister
and Snow White an ugly hag.

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Fairy Tale Prompt