Dark Blue Velvet Memories – Prose Poem – November 20, 2015

summer 1987_4

The dawn, yet to come – the sky is dark blue velvet and the wind whispers of the sea, these all speak to me of you.  You who loved to wind-surf on the sea, you who made sculptures with me out of jetsam and then we combed the sand as though it was a young girl’s tresses,  like Japanese monks.

The sea, so many long years ago, another velvety predawn.

A shepherd passed with his sheep each morning.  We awoke to the sound of the bell sheep, the others bleating behind it.  The shepherd always smiled at us, maybe thinking that we were a little crazy to sleep on the sand wrapped up in sleeping bags when we had a perfectly good tent set up.

“‘Giorno!” he’d say tipping his hat then he’d follow his sheep never looking back.

summer 1987_2

The days were hot and the sun intense, so we built a shelter of old straw mats, reeds and wood we’d found on the beach or just beyond the beach, in a sort of tangled grove.  We bought two folding chairs and during the hottest part of the day we sheltered, until the tide rose.

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And after a day of swimming and surfing, when the night came, we played our harmonicas as we waited for our dinner to cook over the open fire.  We drank our wine, talked for hours and then  made love under the stars to the sound of the waves on the shore.

wisteria sky

this blue velvet sky
is turning purple now
the sea – far away
I walk along the lake – there
a lone surfer sails at dawn

© G.s.k. ‘15




Sunday Scribblings 2 – Velvet


Free Verse: Magic Beside The Window – First Posted – May 12, 2013

by the window sepiaFree Verse

Magic Beside The Window

Childhood passed beside a window

Coloring, drawing, daydreaming

Watching as the cars drove past

Watching birds and butterflies

Imagining places that never existed

Of people who never were.

I’d imagine flying horses

Princes, castles and dragons flying –

I’d see the terrible witches

And lovely fairies too.

I’d have myself a tea party

I’d invite in all my friends!

Black and yellow stuffed dog

Pink cow and scruffy bear…

My mother’d bring the snacks out

We’d laugh and play for hours

Then I’d tell to them a tale.

(When finally I went  to school

After a month or two,

I found that those dear windows,

Saved me from boredom too.)

Years went by and I travelled far

I met many a dragon and visited castles

I’ve come across a prince or two

And some really terrible witches!

The fairies blessed me with my lovely sons

And I’ve nothing to regret.

I just wanted to say here,

Thinking of my childhood:

My friends then were my windows.

My loved ones were my books.

My world my imagination.

I hug them still and sing their praise,

For they made me who I am.

© G.s.k ‘13

Morning Haiku and Waka – Happiness – March 2, 2015

haiga_kitty party_small

a warm bed and a full plate
homeless kittens

© Bastet


Happiness Choka

happy brainstorming:
happiness is this or that
noble goals, good deeds
becoming rich or famous,
consciousness reason
friendship honour fulfillment

in the here and now
no longings no desires – life
a beautiful sunset
rain falling on the parched earth
a blackbird singing at dawn

© G.s.k. ’15

Travelling around the world, one gets the impression that it’s the small things in life that really bring you happiness.

Desire:  wealth, popularity, fame, being “right”, religious zeal, ideology, politics, beauty, youth, excellence, in a word satisfying one’s ego, only brings unhappiness eventually.

Life is a bumpy dusty road, where we meet some terrible truths and some wonderful realities .. a kaleidoscope of jumbled images that swirl around, in and out of dreams and nightmares.

Like Siddhartha Gautama, one wonders how to avoid suffering as we’re wound about by this mortal coil … he discovered the Noble Eight-fold Path   … I like to listen to the Dalai Lama’s laugh 😉

For Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

Summer Sunshine – Haibun – October 14, 2014

Summer Sunshine (Haibun)

Walking through Rovereto, with its high walls and cold wind, I was going to the train station. Passing the children off to school, to was going to meet my son who was coming home and would be with us for a week – I couldn’t help smiling.  Happy, a song filled my mind and soul – I felt like the world was a better, happier, place to live in.  No marching band was there to greet him, at least not one you could see, just the music in my mind.  The train rolled in.

cold autumn wind
the train pulls into the station
– summer sunshine


From: Hub Pages – Haibun

Here’s an example of a classic haibun written by the famous haiku master, Basho which I found on Hub Pages with a fine article on what haibun is, classically:

I left my rundown hut beside the river during the eighth month of 1684, placing my trust in my walking stick and in the words of the Chinese sage who said: “I pack no provisions for my long journey — entering emptiness under the midnight moon.” The voice of the wind was oddly cold.

Weather-beaten bones,
I’ll leave your heart exposed
to cold, piercing winds

(c) Basho

Written for Lego Haibun using a video prompt.

014d1-octpowrimobadge2I’m submitting this second poem today at OctPoWriMo for the prompt: “Inspiration from the Poets Who Went Before…”

Friday Fictioneers – September 5, 2014

Reflecting On a Campfire of Many Years Ago


Sitting around the campfire the girls roasted marshmallows putting them between two graham crackers with a slab of Heresy’s chocolate … somemores!

The smell of the burning wood and marshmallows filled the air with their sweet and acrid summer smells. The last days of summer.

One girl began to tell a ghost story. The others pretended to be afraid of the dark shadows that seemed to bend closer to hear the tale.

A flash of lightning and a rumble of thunder announced an approaching storm. Though there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

School would begin on Monday.

To Jen with Love – August 9, 1014

Chocolate (To Jen with Love)

How I do love chocolate …
Let me count the ways
Pralines, Nougats, Peanut clusters
Just to name a few,
Seventy percent cocoa
But even Hershey’s would do
With milk or fondant
Or maybe white chocolate too!
Filled with caramel or filled with liqueur
Little bon bons do attract
In such an enticing way …
How I love that magic substance
That wicked evil stuff
Though I’d sit and eat my fill
Deny myself I must …
For all those tiny sweetmeats,
That road to ecstasy,
Tend to put the weight on
My derrier and on my thighs.
But the virtual brand I find
Can be quite satisfying too …
Inside my mind and memory
Imagination does what it must do …
There I smell the fudge a cookin’
Brownies in the oven
And Toll house cookies bakin’
On a rainy afternoon.
So I’ll send your muse some chocolate
Of the most exquisite blends
No veggies, tofu, or fruit
Will be in the virtual bin …

Magic Lights – Shadorma – August 9, 2014

Photo Credit: Jen from Blog it or Lose it!

Magic lights
Dazzling colors bright
Whirling bright
Spinning tales
Of wonderous days gone by
Full of mystery

Bright glass globes
Shimmer in the sun
My head spins
‘Round the room …
Inspirational bright globes
Visions of wonder


Written for Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie

Ghost Writer – Scent – August 6, 2014

Today’s Ghost Writer at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai is Jen of “Blog It Or Lose It”  and what a great post it is too, so I’d really like to encourage you to follow the link and have a look!

So today, following some of the great indications found in the Jen’s post I’m going to write scented haiku!  Here are Jen’s examples:


spring plowing done –  /
the scent of oil and hot dust /
in grandpa’s workshop //

where Vincent paints /
warm in the afternoon sun /
cypress and lemon – /

his gloves carry the scent /
long into the evening //

(C) Jen R.
And here are some great writing suggestions too:
tart apples being cooked into pies;
– hot dust in the attic during hide-and-seek;
– crayons and floor polish on the first day of school;
– cold honeydew at a housewarming party;
– old-fashioned pink roses at the front gate;
– decaying leaves and pine needles in the forest;
– hot oil and machinery (grandfather’s workshop);
– chlorine at the municipal pool;
– the overgrown, past-its-prime smell of early September;
– cut grass, pond water, wet soil, salt water, March mud, the first drops of rain ….


Now for my scented ku:

heady orange blooms
a sleepy  warm afternoon
on the Riviera

suntan lotion
hours on a beach roasting
summer smells

a bowl of peaches
ripening on the terrace
mom’s summer cobblers

the first drops of rain
the smell of dry earth drinking
summer in Illinois

dank Roman alley
smelling of urine and trash
a stray cat

(C) G.s.k. ’14

I think I could go on all day … what about popcorn at a cinema, cotton candy at the summer fair, toast for breakfast … (so I’ll write a post on Bastet’s Waka Library too!

Thanks Jen, for the memories!

Red Wolf Wordle – August 2, 2014

This is Red Wolf’s Wordle!


Not all birds are of a feather,
Sit upon the chestnut’s branches
The peacock trills alone
In a farm near my house,
His tail wheel colored in flashy blues …

The swallow blends in with the shadows,
Unlike the flashy peacock …
When the next full moon shines,
He’ll leave our shores for Africa
Perhaps getting caught in the monsoon.

The trills and fluty song on the wind
Of the birds at sunset,
Fill my heart with joy …
Standing on this mountain path
I sing at the top of my lungs.

Swallows – June 25, 2014- Free Verse

Baby Swallows

swirling whirling through the sky
swalows play outside my window
through the houses
over the trees
joyous shrieks
on the breeze,
of a warm summer eve …
babes you were
a year ago
you left for warmth
leaving winter snow
now your return
makes my heart sing
as I watch you play and fly the evening by
swirling whirling through the sky
swalows play outside my window

Last year I took this photograph of a family of swallows – and misnamed it sparrows.  Anyway the family returned ithis spring, mated and now a new generation sits where last years chicks sat …it’s such a joy to see the continuaton of the cycle of life and hear their joyous chatter as thye play their games outside my window