A to Z Challenge – The letter M – April 15, 2016

A monumental moment
Means meeting mice and men
Whilst mincing in the market place
Maybe marvelling at melons
Mellowly matured …
March marching with the March-hare’s
Marvellous maiden aunt
Maevous Mabel
Like a marionette from a matrix.
Ah yes,
Monumental moments
Monstrously magnetic moments
Like Mao’s March in China
Mages going to Memphis
Mork meeting Mindy and more,
Mommy making muffins …
My my … to marvel is more that meets the eye
Meet me inside the mirror
I’ll be a mysterious mummer
or maybe merry Marc’harit
You be the mystic monk
or maybe Merlin’s Mordred …
Moving through the mirror
We’ll avoid mediocrity
Perhaps making our own monumental moment
a million miles from morning.

© G.s.k. ‘16

Monumental Moments

Oktoberfest – Golsana – August 11, 2015

yodeling- oh
odel – odel
echoing from mountain to dale
put on lederhosen
grab up a stein of beer
come sing at the Oktoberfest
With me!

© G.s.k. ‘15

(I just discovered Jane Sandford, but I also just discovered her blog is now closed down for future posts … but this one can still be read … below is what Jane says about the Golsana.)

“The Golsana is a little-known poetry form, very recently attributed to the Bavarian literary historian, Golo Mann.

The form has a syllable count of 4-4-8-6-6-8, and surrounds the distinct culture and mentality of the Bavarian people.

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to any real poetry, living or dead, is purely coincidental”. Jane Sandford

[cough-cough] After many hours of research, alas I discovered that this form has one last line of two syllables … Bastet 😉  Prosit!