NaPoWriMo 2016 – ABC Poem – April 3, 2016


seamen's monument_2“After all is said and done
Bravery isn’t really
Dangling from a swing Jim said,
Even-toned and earnest.
“Fancy words and
Gorgeous monuments,
Hail the hero’s deeds,
It’s inevitable, even
Justifiable, to forget that they were men.
Knowledge of their frailties,
Lamentable bad habits and
Marred moral make-up may
Never be known at all –
Of course that changes nothing
Providing that we know that they’re
Quite like you or me.”
“Ridiculous!” young Edward shouted,
Seriously offended.
“That is a shabby thing to say my boy,
Ugly, I say and
Very shabby indeed, about those who’ve saved the day!”
“Why Eddy boy don’t get het up over some
Xeroxed copied heroes, hail rather those poor guys,
Yes those young bloods,
Zapped but nameless who fell by the tons.”

© G.s.k. ‘16


Today being Sunday, there will be no A to Z Poem …. have a great day!

The Mirror – Part Two – Fairy Tale

storm comingPart Two

Jane grabbed for Jason’s hand as a mighty gust of wind came nearly toppling him into the churning water below.

“Be careful!” she shouted against the wind.

“But … but, where are we?”

“Your guess is as good as mine.  I told you I had a bad feeling about the mirror.  All I saw was a flash of light when the sun hit the mirror where you’d scraped off the paint!”

They looked around and saw that behind them stood a clump of trees.  The dragon flew closer.  Somehow, it seemed that the tempest was following the dragon itself.  Lightning flashed ripping the dark sky in two.  The young people turned and ran towards the trees hoping that it would give them some protection from the driving wind and rain.

The dragon dove down towards them.  And cut off their escape landing between them and the trees.

“What creatures are you?” the dragon asked in an imperious female voice.

Jane and Jason just stood gawping at the dragon.  Actually, they’d never imagined that dragons even existed so to have one standing in front of them asking such an unusual question relieved them of their speaking faculties.

“Well … I’m waiting for an answer! Be quick!  Don’t make me angry!”

“Well … we’re people.” Jason said without much elaboration.

“People?  What are people?  I know fairies and strummers … but I’ve never seen the likes of you.”

The wind began to die down and the black clouds let shafts of bright sunshine glow through large holes in them as though they’d been rent.  The rain slowly stopped and the sea was soon a sheet of glass.

“You kind of look like fairies and strummers all rolled into one!” said the dragon and began to change its form, turning into a large cat-like creature that stood on two legs.

She, for they decided that the cat must be a she, had sleek silver fur and a long tale, that waved about.  She also had a scaly jewelled crown and wings.

Jane, who knew something about cats, felt she must be mollified.  After all, cats wave their tails when their irritated, she thought to herself.

“Excuse us Ma’am,” she said and curtsied, “but we’re new here.  You see, my brother Jason and I were taking a walk and we found an old shepherd’s cabin.  When we went inside it there was only a mirror and it was painted over with white paint.  Jason decided to remove some of the paint.  The sun hit the uncovered mirror and we found ourselves here.  We’re neither fairies nor strummers, you see, we’re people.”

“Hummm … ” purred the cat-dragon “I don’t know what a shepherd is, but I do know that the portal has been found! Only you don’t look like heroes.  Smallish.  So how do you propose to save my kingdom?”

Jane frowned at Jason as if to say … and now what?

Second Part of The Mirror inspired by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Fairy Tale Prompt #7