In Reply “Can bards commit a greater crime” – Free Verse – October 17, 2014


Ah what gloomy times are these –
But are they worse than yesteryears?
Was woman ever seen with more respect?
Or was she hid behind veils and chastity belts –
And as they burnt her at the stake
Who’d have thought that ’twas a mistake?

Oh great men of ages – profiteers!
With holy titles and knightly gear …
As they saddled into the Holy Land
Did they still their steely blades?
Or did they raze whomever they met –
Knight or child – Christian or Mahometan.

Travelling throughout the world in time –
Enslaving – conquering – killing all …
These noble creatures of our past
Have left us, their children, quite aghast.

Though your words and feelings do you honor
And know I that ours are indeed times of shame –
Still might not a poet remind the world,
That the lilies still grow sweet and free,
Though they labor not for man – they thrive!
And, yes, that blackbirds still sing their lullabies
Disregarding the whims of miserable men
And these dark grim times.

(c) G.s.k. ’14

This was a spontaneous poem (so it’s rather rough around the edges) in response to a friend who wrote:

“Can bards commit a greater crime
than speak sweet words at such a time?”



Another Day … – Free Verse – October 11, 2014

Passing Through

lesley-oldaker@Deviant Art

another day
walking along the treadmill
of  life
the rain like tears
reminding me of other days
of other thoughts
and ambitions
no longer mine

another day
walking in this world
of delusions
grey and lifeless
yet it frantically searchs
who knows what
perhaps ambitions
no longer theirs

another day
in a depression
that’s lingers on
with no respite in sight
as politicians
promise relief
for the youth
who can’t find work
and families
who’ve lost their homes

another day
listening to the chit-chat
called “news”
thrown around
to distract
from the
paucity of solutions
of a society
in decline
holding on desperately
to ideals
which have long since
become demodè

Another day …
and yet I walk
looking for those single flowers
which brighten
dim days
giving me hope
that this cold winter
will soon pass
leaving way
for a new spring.

(c) G.s.k. ’14

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