Reflection: Behind Fences – Haibun – November 19, 2014

An old prison camp … bright lights glaring at night, making sleep difficult … prisoners of war.  A flash vision from Hogan’s Heros or Schindler’s List comes to mind.  Cold snow and drafty unheated wooden shacks.  Soldiers with machine guns on watch towers.

As I sit in my comfortable central heated home, I can’t help wondering, how would life have been in such a situation, happy that I’ve never had this experience but have only lived the situation vicariously through films and books. But on the other hand, one never really knows, does one. Many of those prisoners lived with their creature comforts never realizing that one day they would be prisoners of war.

To think, even today, somewhere on this planet, people live in camps surrounded by barbed wire with armed guards on a tower.  Prisoners of war.

on a barbed wire fence
frozen in silence

(c) G.s.k. ’14

Linked to Haibun Thinking – Photo prompt by Arthur Brown