Just a Note: December 30, 2013

Hello World!

This is the last Just a Note of the year!  Fantastic!  And to think that in a few days I’ll be blogging for a year! Wow…how time flies.

In last week’s Just a Note I was able to mention many of those who have influenced me in one way or another, and there isn’t much to be added, except I’m glad I did it then, as I’m still not back up to par after catching the flu for Christmas!  Or did the flu catch me for Christmas…what ever.

I hope you all had a great Christmas holiday and got through the orgy in the best of fashions!  Hopefully no on fought with their in-laws or over-ate too much and the kiddies all had their batteries so no one had to run out to the store to buy them at the last-minute.

Now we come upon the last great effort…New Year’s Eve…the time of resolutions and partying.  We’re smack dab in the middle of the twelve days of Christmas…in Scotland we’d be calling this holiday Hogmanay…which I’ve discovered reading about.   That particular feast seems to have influenced the Italians…they have some of the same noisy customs as the Scots do. Tomorrow evening  for example at Riva del Garda the people will be dancing in the streets and the fireworks will go off at around 10 ’til 12!

The next morning here i Riva they do have a quaint custom which I haven’t heard about elsewhere…at noon on New Year’s Day a group of people dive into the lake from the center of town.

Of course with all the intermingling of creeds, beliefs and commercialism, a 100% honest tradition is really hard to come by.  In Riva they’ve been shooting off fireworks at New Years for I don’t know how long. But there’s no doubt that the reason the city spends so much in fireworks now,  is that it attracts tourists…the guys that dive into the lake on New Year’s day have been doing so the last 19 years…they’ve created their own little custom, and the interesting thing is that there are people who’ve taken up the tradition over the years!  Kind of interesting seeing the birth of a tradition.

Have a great time people.  Whatever you’ve planned do it safely.  Don’t go driving if you’ve been drinking…and be careful if you’re playing around with fireworks and rockets or shotguns as do some Hogmanay and New Year’s celebrators. Try not to blow yourself or some innocent away mixing your firewater with your fireworks. Seems some people don’t even need to be drunk to blow themselves away with poor quality fireworks…so we see each year in Italy!  I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Have a great week and a wonderful New year celebration!

Ciao!  Bastet