Sunday Whirl on Monday – September 8, 2014

dismal, thrust, meandering, ball, horses, rose locks, spot, plant, bullets, signal, edge


The Hunters

on a dismal rainy morning
in a spot near the channel locks
meandering among the roses
came a group of hunters on their horses …

though a rainy autumn day
they thought it would be fun
to fill the world with bullets
on the edge of the darkened woods …

at a signal from their leader
they set the ball a rolling
they thrust into the glen
with their rifles and their dogs …

no plant nor creature was safe
from our modern happy hunters
they shot a stop sign full of holes
to test their lovely glocks and rifles.


Yesterday morning I heard the first rifle shots.  Hunting season has begun here in my area and though we don’t have horse riding hunters we’ve got some who shoot stop signs in frustration.  There’s little to hunt.  Small birds mostly.  But nothing stops the hunter … even when they shoot each other.