Dawn Thoughts – July 21, 2014

I read a lovely haiku by Milan Rajkumar about a deer …

brow antlered Sangai
drive for saving the lost herd
oh ! their soulful cry

In my corner of Italy, I imagine India … land of the sitar, incense, spices, sari dressed ladies and hot shimmering sun.  The usual stereotype I’m sure we all know and love, but I also know that India is a vast nation and this is only part of the story.

In Manipur, a Northeastern India, live the Sangai.

Sangai, dancing deer
binding soul of men to nature
Lives in Manipur
A gift of Torbung Lamja
Living only on Loktak Lake

They were believed to be extinct in the 1950s but six head were discovered and soon a program to preserve them was put into action and in 2000 a census showed the population had grown to 162 head.  However these deer are once again menaced by mankind as their habitat degenerates due to among other things a hydroelectric plant built in the wild life reserve and poachers.

Read here for more information and Milan’s post of course.


sparrows and swallows
singing at dawn
bind me to nature

a sliver of moon
bids the world goodbye
until August

Pakistan in Rovereto – Conversation Poem

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license on Wikipedia

Hello sir, you’ve a lovely shop here … does everything come from Pakistan?

No, I’ve food that comes from Turkey too, India, Syria, China and Albania!

I see you’ve ghee, basmati rice and tea … and look at all these spices too!

167 spices from throughout the orient, 6 types of basmati as well as 5 types of patna rice and 7 types of green tea, including Chinese!

And do you have halva, what of baklava?  I’d love some filafel and samosa too!

Alas, the halva is all sold out now and no one in Italy I know can bake baklava.  I have a mix for filafel, and samosa snacks in three flavors as well as frozen to be fresh fried! I’ve coconut milk and tahine …

I have fresh baked goods from Milan, made by a baker friend of mine.  (They’re really very very  good.)  Look at these  5 types of cookies, these pastries and in the fridge I have some special treats …  just like we have in Pakistan.

Oh my! I see you have henna as well … both for my hair or to decorate my hands.

Yes, and kohl for your eyes as well … and tiger balm from China.

As I looked around I saw Quaker oats, peanut butter and bottles of Coke imported from foreign lands.  Special cooking pots, fans as well as vegetables and meat … halal of course! 

I bought some samosa, some cookies, ginger beer and a tube henna, and promised I’d be back!

Inspired by dVerse Poets Pub – Conversation Poem