Sun Path – Tanka – September 22, 2015


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on this autumn day
we walk towards the haze
along a sun path
ah – this seasonal contrast
denies cold days ahead

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Carpe Diem Modern Times Haiku #5 Richard Wright’s “an autumn evening”

In this feature we give tribute to the great American haiku poet Richard Wright … for the occasion Chèvrefeuille created a beautiful haiga to honour today’s guest:

Autumn Leaves – Shadorma – September 22, 2015


on my walks
summer still reigns
in warm winds
leaves rustle
only in my fancy that
leaves have all turned red

summer laughs
at autumn’s coming
stealing time
for a while
autumn will soon win the day
painting the woods red

© G.s.k. ‘15

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Indian Summer – Haiku/tanka – September 2, 2015


Indian summer
golden leaves and morning frost
hazel-nuts ripen

gathering chestnuts
readying winter fire-wood
warm autumn days

these sun warmed valleys
soon will be white with new snow
persimmon’s heavy
but still green with unripe fruit
summer lingers for a while

memories of fall
daddy burning dead leaves
mom making plum jam
I cover my new school books
with brown shopping bags and tape

© G.s.k. ‘15

Written for: Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille September 2nd “Indian Summer”

Sunset thoughts – Morning Haiku and Waka – October 1, 2014

sunset and moon light

sunset and moon light

under the moon scythe
greeting the Indian summer
– the screech of an owl

indian summer –
sunset red like the grape vines
another leaf falls

hot afternoon
autumn sun sets in the west
chilling the valley

ah – drizzling rain
complaining blackbirds calling
wake-up the dawn