A drop in the sea – FWF Image Prompt


Source: We Heart It

A converstion between two men in a café after hearing the news report that an unidentified very rich Italian “ex-premier” who had been in politics for the past 23 years had just won the Irish sweepstake.

“You can say what you want…it’s not a drop in the sea, it’s a whole bloody flood in the sea!” Marco wailed.

“Oh you do so exaggerate…I mean, ok so he hit the jackpot and won a million dollars…so what’s the biggy?” replied Maurizio.

“Good grief…he already is a blasted millionaire, I mean what is it with fate? Can’t she see that that is just so unfair, I mean where’s the justice in this?”

“Don’t they say that Justice is blind…luck is too if I remember.”


“Come on, you’re really over-reacting, I mean it has really nothing to do with you.  It certainly isn’t going to change your life!”

“Oh yes it is, I’d already bought a Ferrari convertable,  the house of my dreams and had planned to take a trip around the world!”


“Well, in my imagination, but still…I could just feel that car as it went speeding down the road, my hair blown back in the wind…”

“Well, just as well you aren’t racing down the road, with your luck the Carabinieri would probably have given you a ticket.”

“Yeh, thanks, rub the salt in!   Why did he even bother to buy a sweepstake’s ticket..he’s a fracking millionaire!”

“Guess that’s why he is a millionaire, never let’s an opportunity pass.”

“I wonder who he bribed?”


Blackout – Haibun Thinking

Gathering her brows like gathering storm, Nursing her wrath to keep it warm
Robert Burns


In Italy the saying goes: “Revenge is a plate best served cold.”  Unfortunately (or maybe not), Leonella isn’t the sort of woman who puts her anger aside to seek revenge.  She never plans revenge, but neither does she allow a slight to pass her by with some sort of reply.

The day that she received the letter from the electric company stating she hadn’t paid her light bill, was annoying.  She got out her receipts and sent a copy to the address provided for just that purpose.  So, when three weeks later, her power got shut off, you can imagine her anger.

She screwed up her brows and began to give battle, getting angrier and angrier with every step she took to get the wrong she’d been done righted.  First the phone calls to a number provided which was of course a call center…and to no avail.  Then a trip to her local light company…the lady in the office on her computer was very nice and found the mistake, corrected it and said the power would be back in a matter of hours…which it wasn’t.  When she went back to the office, it was closed, for the weekend.

The problem finally straightened itself out, but her freezer load of food was ruined and she’d had to pass the weekend in a hotel.  She changed her light company and took the former company to court.  Won the case and was awarded recompensation…but her wrath never cooled…to this day when you mention the name of the company her eyes flash.

blackout then anger
careless errors mutiply
revenge sought in wrath


Haibun Thinking