At the Aksahic Library – Friday the 13th!

Sekhmet sat out on the lawn basking in Ra’s warm rays when the news came by way of Hermes.

“Have you heard?  Over a fourth of the internet users are blacked-out on the Italic peninsula!” he said breathlessly, “And of course we know who’s to blame!”

“Do tell … ” meowed Sekhmet a little bored. “Serves them right! These humans are always trying to imitate the Gods with their technology.”

“Ah, but you should know, your protegé was among the many who are isolated!” he said strolling off.

“What!!!” she jumped up indignant! “This will not do at all. I’m really so tired of Loki’s tricks!  Of course this is a personal affront to Me, Sekhmet!”

Bastet came down to the lawn about then with a piece of parchment in her paws.

“I’ve just gotten word from Georgia.  She won’t be able to post at all today.  Seems her internet is down too.”

“So I’ve heard and of course Loki is to blame!” Sekhmet snarled.

“Well, I’m working on it with the crisis group and maybe this time it’s not Loki.  You see today is Friday the 13th … ”

“And what does the date have to do with the problem?”

“Well, humans actually have a great hidden mental capacity.  Some call it the power of belief. It’s a low electrical charge that runs and connects people in a common cause or belief.  But it’s also an energy that makes things happen if enough people believe it will.”


“Oh yes,  Athena gave a lecture on the subject just the other day.  She says they are capable of creating great good works just by believing something ‘en masse’ … but also great disasters.  Seems that there are millions of people who believe that Friday the 13th is the harbinger of disaster, especially in Italy with its ancient roots that go back more than just a couple of millennium.  We’re working on it.”

“So when will the problem be resolved?” asked Sekhmet “We’ve so much work to do getting that book of children’s stories together …”

“We?  I haven’t seen you move a paw to do anything!”

“Pshaw!  I am the mover … the inspirer … it is I, Sekhmet the reason that she writes, no?”

“NO!” said Bastet as she left a surprised Sekhmet with her jaw opened.

“I wonder what’s gotten into that kitten!”

Just a Note – Internet Blackout in Italy- Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th in Italy this month was unlucky for about 28% of the internet users in Italy, including myself at around 11:00 this morning.

Mmy first hint was when suddenly Skype went off line – but that happens pretty often here anyway.  I changed computers in the mean time using my netbook computer where I could sit in a cooler area. When I discovered my netbook refused to connect, I first thought it was a problem with the netbook.  After about 20 minutes of messing around, I tried to connect with my principle computer, but discovered it too wouldn’t connet.

My first thought was that my wifi router had given up the ghost!  But the computers communicated through the home network.  At this point I tried to call my server…first no answer, then the line went busy.  Finally at 4:30 I was able to reach the server and was informed that they were off-line nation wide.

About 15 minutes ago I again tried to connect the internet…and voila!

So … truth is stranger than fiction, at least for Wind-Inforstrada, my server … Friday the 13th is unlucky for them and their clients!  By the way there is no news as to what actually happened … maybe tomorrow, or then again maybe not.  Buona Notte from Italy!  Bastet

Just a Note: No Internet Connection!

Hello World!

This is just a short note…I’m afraid that my internet connection went down and I was not able to post for about 20 hours.  I’ve been able in the meantime to reply to those persons who commented yesterday, but I’ve not been able to read or comment on anyone’s posts 😦  and furthermore, I’ve not been able to post yes.  So..Everything will be very late,  I just hope I’ll be able to get something up soon.

Thanks for your patience!  Ciao!