Haiga — First Image – January 25, 2015


first image
written in smoke
at midnight

© G.s.k. ‘15

The Japanese kigo was first calligraphy which is very widely practiced in that country.  My first “image”  was a photograph of fireworks and smoke at midnight on the first of January, a bit pulled by the hair as the Italian’s would say.  The first poem I wrote the next morning was a choka:

homey warm fire
of the wood burning stove
greets everyone
on this New Year’s day
snow all around
but we warm each other
coffee is ready
bacon frying – weisswurst warm
eggs scrambling
for New Year’s brunch
the feast continues
time’s stopped on this special morn
the clocks move onward again

a new year begins
warm and welcoming
sleepy smiles
after a night of feasting
together greet the new day

© G.s.k. ‘15

Here are some beautiful haiku written by one of my favorite poets, Kobayashi Issa:

kakichin no mikan mii mii kissho kana

looking, looking
at the mandarin orange…
year’s first calligraphy

tsui-tsui to bô wo hiite mo kissho kana

swish, swish
writing with my cane…
year’s first calligraphy

ko-dakara ga bô wo hiite mo kissho kana

the treasured child
writes with a cane…
year’s first calligraphy

© Kobayashi Issa

calligraphic haiku

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