A to Z Challenge – The letter L – April 15, 2016

lilac tree

Down lilac lanes,
Aligning sweetly the limpid lake
Leading to her Liege
Lady Laura  walked innocent, so leisurely,
Laughing at the jester’s light lechery
Down lilac lanes.

Whispering disloyal lobcock,
Whose poisonous lips did insinuate
Lies unto Laura’s Lord:
“Look, Lady Laura loves her jester,
Liege Lord, see her languid laughter!”
(Whispering disloyal lobcock.)

Luciferin green-eyed monster,
Lived inside the Lord’s heart
Leading him into insanity.
He hired loutish loiterers as lynchers,
To stone the two next day.
Luciferin green-eyed monster.

Down lilac lanes
Whispering disloyal lobcock
Luciferin green-eyed monster
[A tragic ending]

© G.s.k. ‘16

(Unfortunately, yesterday I didn’t write nor indeed even visit my blog … so today I’ll be doing the writing I had planned to do yesterday.)


(the form is called “L’Eco” –

Here’s the structure of the form:

  • A four stanza poem
  • Word count 3-5-4-6-6-3 (except for the last stanza)
  • The first and last lines repeat in each stanza.
  • The fifth line is the same in each stanza throughout the poem
  • The last stanza is a four line “conclusion” where each of the first lines of the poem  echo – the fourth line [closed in brackets]  ties the whole poem up.

the word count is: 3 – 5 – 4 – 6 – 6 – 3 – last stanza 3-3-3-3 last line [in brackets]

Written for Gradmama 2011 – L is for Library (A-Z Challenge) who reminded me of this form.

Faithful Lover – Fairy Poem – NaPoWriMo – April 18, 2014

© Aubrey Beardsley

© Aubrey Beardsley

She was a woman of extreme emotions
When she loved she wanted all …
Kisses and caresses did not suffice her
She needed to be loved body and soul.

Her lover’s knew not her inclinations,
To be content only when she was sure,
That no man could ever betray her
No one knew their word,  would not suffice.

When John came upon this lovely maiden
He beheld her night colored hair in silken strands
Her eyes like crystal pools of purest blue
Her form so lithesome, singing voice true …

He fell in love with her perfect body
He offered to be her own true love
She smiled at him and danced for him
Accepting the love he offered her.

On the day that they were wedded,
After the party and feasting done,
They lay upon their nuptial bed …
He fell asleep held in her arms.

Her guards came to her in the night
Instructed as they’d been before …
And with their terrible steely knives
Removed his head which they gave to her.

“Oh John my love, now I’m sure you’re true!
No one can be a truer lover than you…
For now you’ll never look at another
You’ll be for me, my eternal lover.”

Written for  Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Fairytale Prompt #4 


Triolet: my lover

Passion in a grey world

Passion in a grey world


My lover

I was feeling down so called you my sweet,
To tell you of my sad and woeful plight;
That he grumbles constantly makes me weep,
As though I’ve another with whom I sleep!
You said: “It’s true you have a love that’s deep,
Which is the reason for your constant fight…
Your lover is your poetry, so you reap
His resentment when you sit down to write!”

Cubby’s Challenge

n.b. Cubby’s been absent for a week or so 😦 , so I’m doing one of her older challenges, it’s not a new one.