Carpe Diem Utabukuro – Jen Rosenberry (Paloma) – September 7, 2015

12 3 2014 bird bath leaves birch tree reflection 4c with birds

There are many haiku poets whom I read every day and I enjoy their work immensely,  Oliana Kim, Mark Redfearn, Dolores, the incomparable Lolly, Dolores, Rall, Ese, Managua … and really so many more … one of the first haiku poets I read through Carpe Diem Haiku Kai was Jen Rosenberry or Paloma as we know her.  I came across her work from quite another direction … western poetry, because Jen doesn’t write only waka and ku, but she is a fantastic short story writer and poet, using some the most obscure forms she’s fished out through her research in international poetry.

Now for the haiku that accompanies the photo, also created by Paloma:

my first sun is an old sun
to the sparrow

© Paloma (January 4, 2015)

This particular haiku reminds me a lot of the classical haiku poet, Issa, one of my absolute classical favourites.  I like the dry humour in his ku, which I found in Paloma’s evaluation of the situation on that particular day … the first sun, which made its timid appearance that New Year’s Day only to hide behind clouds almost immediately… HERE‘s the link to her post … and I wonder how her jail-ku would have been … 😉

autumn sun
sparrows chattering at dawn
outside prison bars

© G.s.k. 15

Haiku – Westward Waves of Wisteria – July 4, 2014

Today’s haiku master poet in the July series of Carpe Diem Haiku Kai is Kobayashi Issa (1763  – 1828).  I found a lovely biography of him whist looking for Issa’s background today written by Haiku Guy, which I’ve linked so that you may look at it too!  I first came across Issa (which means cup of tea, by the way) through Jen of Blog it or Lose it! chatting about haiku one early morning (mine not hers 🙂 ).  She also sent me some links, one of which is The Haiku of Issa.

Issa is famous for his haiku (or hokku or haikai as these verses were called before Shiki’s haiku reform) about everyday life and small creatures like spiders and flies but also dogs, cats and birds.

The poem chosen today at Carpe Diem was passed on to Chèvrefuelle by Jen and it’s not about his usual subject but about the Amida Buddha’s Western Paradise:

shônin no nishi no fujinami ima ya saku

the holy man’s
westward waves of wisteria

© Kobayashi Issa



Wisteria Sky

 pure earth and water
sailing wisteria waves

© Bastet

Haiku Series – Shoot at the Sun (2)

shooting against the sunthrough leaves or fingers
brilliant warm waves peek through
shooting at the sun

warm summer ride
to catch early morning light
shooting at the sun

broken rules create
mystic oneiric visions
shooting at the sun

(a photographic expedition)

Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai – Ghost Writer Jen Rosenberry. Follow the link her to visit Jen from Blog it or Lose it!


Haiku – Sun for Carpe Diem Ghost Writer



giver of new life
or atrocious death

tiny star
afar, dim light barely seen
our great sun

rows of umbrellas
sun worshipers laid in lines
like roasting turkeys

(miscellaneous thoughts)

Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai – Ghost Writer Jen Rosenberry. I must admit, that Jen from Blog it or Lose it!  was right when she said that using sun as kigo can be tricky, follow the link and read her lovely contribution, you’ll love it!…