Jeremy’s Daily Challenge – August 17, 2014

Rustic River View by Brad Hammonds

A spark of humor
invited her merry gelasin
to flower in her rosy cheeks
as she observed, on the rustic river,
randy mallard ducks
splashing and quacking
in their courtship quarrels …
Teasing and joking
her boyfriend poked fun
at her interest …
Becoming circumspect,
she meditated
that not only ducks argue and fight
to be able to court their damsels,
so do some civilized men …
Like her own dear lover, Henry
and his rowdy rival Tom.


Written for Jeremy’s Daily Challenge … Weekend Medley 17/17 August

Desert Driving – Flash Fiction

“Man is the only creature who has a nasty mind” – Mark Twain

Riding through the desert on Route 66, when it was still Route 66,   Hotel California was playing on the radio and Janice slept in the passenger seat.

The moon over the desert sands turned the world a ghostly shade of pale.  I’d been driving for hours hoping to see a motel we could stop at for the rest of the night.

The couple stopped at the motel…the neon blinked  “Vacancy” … It was a row of old white-washed cement block units, probably built in the ’50s.  The man at the desk looked like Anthony Perkins.  Kind of creepy, reminded him of “Psycho”.

“We don’t get a lot of visitors this time of the year,” he said, “my mother will bring towels around in a little while.”

The elderly woman knocked on the door and when he opened it she stabbed him several times with a long butcher knife, before she went after Janice who was in the bathroom…

Oh geez…that old movie pops up at the oddest times, I thought.  I drove on for another half hour and up ahead I could see a neon sign flashing … “Vacancy”.  As we got closer, I saw that it was an old motel 1950’s style made of white-washed cement blocks.  I slowed down, thinking it’d be the best we’d find.  I went inside the main office, leaving Janice in the car asleep,  the man at the desk reminded me of Anthony Perkins.

“We don’t get a lot of visitors this time of year. So we don’t have towels in the bathrooms, just opening for the season.  My mom will bring your towels around in a little while.”

“Ah…don’t worry about that, just remembered something I’ve got to do.” I said and almost ran back to my car and drove off.

I’ve written this for: Friday’s Threesome 18 April Jeremy’s Daily Challenge which I came across thanks to Al’s “A Mixed Bag