A Senryu for Jerry

Jerry and I had a lot of fun collaborating and he thought it would be nice if we try again!  So he sent me a photo…here’s what we came up Jerry entitled his post:

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Let me wish you a great Sunday!

Liquid Gold…An Inspiration from Jerry

The beginning of the week, Jerry published a lovely photo and then in a comment, he said:
“Have been trying to think of something to write about it but blank so far.”
So I offered to write a Haiku…all our back and forth banter can be read on the original post…the end result is that we decided to publish the photo and Haiku…which has now become a Haiga…together…our first photographic-poetry duet!  You can read Jerry’s post here on Keeping My Eye On the Sparrow!

Liquid Gold_0103_EWMThank-you Jerry for this great experience!

Just a Note: Monday 24 June 2013

Good Morning World!

Lady in the Fountain

We went out for the evening to Riva del Garda…Chinese food and a splendid walk!

Lights in the Fountain

As you might be able to see, if you’re reading me from Europe, Australia, Africa or Asia I’m late this morning!

Well I have to admit I had a lovely Sunday, visiting with a friend in the early afternoon and then going for dinner and a late night stroll along the lake at Riva del Garda.  The end result is that I had a late raise this morning!  Ah yes!  It was 6:00 instead of my usual 4:30-5:00.  So let’s get to it!

You all saw the special issue and now know about the big news of the week.  Bastet and Sekhmet will be collaborating with We Drink Because We Are Poets with a Tuesday Photo Challenge!  Each Tuesday I will post a prompt and see what you come up with…this is really something quite new for me and very exciting too.  I’m also hoping to be able to interview a few great photographers and feature them on We Drink.  We’ll see what I come up with and you are all encouraged to run your feedback past me and give me your comments so I can better serve you!



This week Lisa did it again!  This time with a bucket of three awards. The first was for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award the second, three awards: Inner Peace, The Rose of Kindness and The Loyal Reader Award!  Sweetness 6645 has also done me the honor of nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

I wish to thank you lovely ladies for this great honor…and to all you who follow this post please feel free to accept a nomination and write a post in my name!


The summer heat has been a bother here in Trentino…we touched 36° Celsius and I was feeling pretty washed out (or would that be sweated out?) Still, although I had to cut back on some of my regular blogging activity, mostly the wonderful but time-consuming blog reading and commenting, it wasn’t a total loss!

I reblogged an article that I think should really become part of “The Manual for a Carefree Blogger” entitled: Finding and using images online – legally by Timslatter.  I think there’s one thing that probably wounds us all is someone using our material for their personal profit, without even mentioning us.  I’ve personally found it difficult to wade through what’s protected by what and how in the image department, and finally resolved to just make my own illustrations wherever possible.  But, for example, I’m not taking pictures from Hubble, so if I want to show you deep space how can I do that without someone popping up and saying:  “Woah!  That’s my stuff!  Take it down and apologize!”  This article will help in that department!

Dom Di Francesco on “Black and Write”, writes some of the most beautiful and suggestive Haiku and Tanka around…and last week he inspired me with his Tanka: Once a Home which really struck me as so very sad I mentioned this and he told me of his experience behind the Tanka…I’ve asked him if I can use his comment and Tanka as a prompt for a story that popped into my head.  He has given me permission and I’ve begun the story…this week we’ll see how it goes!

On of my favorite photographers, Jerry at Keeping my Eye on the Sparrow has impressed me once more with his proess…he’s made some fantastic photos of sunrises, sunsets, deer and now he has captured “The Gulf Fritillary Butterfly” a goal he se himself not long ago…congratulations on some great work.

At We Drink Because We Are Poets, we had two great prompts by Papizilla, whose been absent for a while due to his personal problems and the heavy workload he’s been under, as he explains himself on his blog and at We Drink…the Wednesday Short Story Prompt and the Thursday Poetry Prompt can be found here…he must have worked overtime to give us these great challenging prompts!  Thanks again Papi!

The Friday Weekly Photo Challenge has been great fun this week, it is dedicated to The World Through Your Eyes…and I’ve seen some really fantastic photos believe me…go over and have a look…of course you can start from my own entries which you will find in the Photography Reflections category!

See you soon!

Thanks everyone it was a great week and hope the upcoming week will be a great experience for you all!  I’m certainly going to be working at trying to entertain and why not, inspire you all.

Have a nice day and a wonderful week!