We Drink Photo Challenge: Coffee

Well…a characteristic of fire is a bitter taste…so, here’s coffee for you!

Last summer I with my family went to Athens, Georgia U.S.A.  We went to visit a place called “Jittery Joes”  where they import, blend, roast and if you want them to they’ll grind coffee from all over the world!  (Oh and you can drink it there…they even had an espresso machine that made a mighty fine Italian espresso!)

CoffeeCoffee BeansRoasterNow that my friends is a mighty big roaster!  What we have next is a grinder!

GrinderHere I let the people stay so we could see just how big that grinder is:

Coffee GrinderThe following picture has nothing to do with coffee except that it was taken at Jittery Joes…there were some pretty neat things lying around and these I liked very much!

Stumps and bicycle

This post was created for We Drink Photo Challenge!

Have a great day!

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