A Christmas Lai – Experimental Choka – December 25, 2015

Look, as this new day is born
Peaceful is this cold morn’
Bells ringing across the land
Say violence is banned!
Today, Christmas day
Hear now, listen to my lai:
Let’s cleanse our hearts of woe
Joyfully shall we now go
To celebrate our joy
‘Twas born Mary’s boy!
Then, the seed of peace was sown,
Something we’d never known,
Pray that it may now grow strong
And fill our hearts yearlong,
With love, hope and peace.

© G.s.k. ‘15

When I first discovered choka, I also discovered that this poetic form is all but extinct, though some modern Japanese poets have written a few and there is a small movement to try to revive it, it’s mostly in the West that the choka is finding new life.  Now it’s possible to find “classical” (either 5-7-7 or 5-7-5 syllable count) choka written by American or English haiku poets and very interestingly we also find some experimental choka – variations created by Western haiku poets.

In 2013, I tried my hand at creating an experimental choka a Rhyming Choka : 7-6-7-6-5 syllable lines  repeated 3 times … rhymes in couplets until the last line.

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Carpe Diem Special #188 Georgia’s 4th, another choka

Morning Haiku and Waka – Joy – April 30, 2015


 among the flowers
a whirligig whistles
playing with the wind

joy in the rain
the warm sun shines in my mind
flights of fancy

an instant’s joy
the mountains green in springtime
the bird’s song at dawn

this rugged road
leads both ways to joy and sorrow
there  – a cuckoo calls
looking up as the rain falls
tears wash away with the rain

what is this joy
an inner song and vision
gone in a second
but the memory remains
delighting my sad moments

music plays
just sitting in a dark room
watching the notes fly

© G.s.k. ‘15

In the month we’ve been doing the reading and prompts from the Bhagavad Gita we’ve also been asking ourselves, are the world’s religions perhaps united among themselves … have they perhaps all grown from one source?  If one is a monotheist and sees the similarities in the Gita to their own religion, they might consider that even then, the Deity in His/Her unity, led His/Her people in their needs for their age giving them teachings they could understand. The atheist will think, that humanity has always loved to try to understand the origin and meaning of life and thus, created religion.  For me the roads to peace and unity are many but in the end, isn’t the goal one?  This is the answer that suits me.

in the here and now
rain falls and sun shines

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Morning Haiku and Waka – December 21, 2014

Stain glass collage_2

decorations and lights
ruby-red and green
despite falling snow
the spring sun returns

G.s.k. ’14

Today is the 21st of December as you saw in the title … and that means that the longest night of the year concludes 2014 seasonal cycle … today with Winter Solstice our days become progressively longer, spring is just around the corner 😉 or so our ancestors believed.  So light the yule log and be merry on this wonderful day!

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Red Wolf Wordle – August 2, 2014

This is Red Wolf’s Wordle!


Not all birds are of a feather,
Sit upon the chestnut’s branches
The peacock trills alone
In a farm near my house,
His tail wheel colored in flashy blues …

The swallow blends in with the shadows,
Unlike the flashy peacock …
When the next full moon shines,
He’ll leave our shores for Africa
Perhaps getting caught in the monsoon.

The trills and fluty song on the wind
Of the birds at sunset,
Fill my heart with joy …
Standing on this mountain path
I sing at the top of my lungs.