Just a note … where I am right now – October 5, 2016


Hello Everyone:

When I first opened my blog I had no particular goal in mind.  Then in March of that year I began to write poetry thanks to a defunct prompting blog and at the same time, elsewhere, I discovered power-shorts and other short forms of micro-prose and I started having fun.  I later discovered how to develop and upload photographs to illustrate my writing. Eventually I moved to Japanese poetry and haiga …

During all that time I was also struggling in a difficult marital relationship.  My companion was never very supportive of anything I did.  He had a lot of anger inside and tended to lash out against others. The closer a person was to him the more difficult it was for those people to live with him. He was rarely physically violent – so he felt safe in saying to himself that he wasn’t violent. But he was very violent psychologically and he did everything he could to persuade me to close down my blogs. Which was why I wrote at 5:00 in the morning. It was a compromise I was willing to take to keep writing without provoking his insecurities.  Which didn’t always work as I’m sure anyone who’s had this sort of problem will know.

Last October,  after a more violent storm than usual over a banality (the change from daylight savings time) I fled my home to get away from his rages.  It wasn’t the first time, but intimately I’d decided, no matter what the cost, I was going to leave him. The next afternoon a phone call came informing my son and I that he was dead, he’d died in an traffic accident.

In this sort of situation, the first thing that comes to mind is that there must be a mistake.  You don’t feel much … just sort of a numbness … no real surprise no shock just disbelief.  “No,” you say “that’s just not possible.”  It’s the people huddling around you – and the phone calls from people you’ve not heard from in years – trying to tell you everything is going to be “ok” that convinces you that there’s something wrong. To me it just kept feeling sort of distant.  I’d feel something like sadness but it would drift away and I’d feel numb again.

Then I felt relieved.  He wasn’t going to rage at me anymore.  No more flying furniture.  No more denigration.  No more fights.  Those who knew him and know me, told me I shouldn’t feel guilty – even before I felt that relief (which made me feel guilty). Feeling sad for the loss of someone mixed with the relief that a bad situation is over isn’t easy to focus on.  What is even more difficult is moving on.  During the 28 years I was with my husband our relationship became more and more closed.  It was hard to make friends with him constantly judging everyone so our friendships with other couples became stillborn affairs pretty quickly.  We didn’t have many friends. The friends I made outside our relationship were fragile affairs that lived on the time borrowed from my marriage.

I’m not a person who talks about my feelings … I’ve become sort of detached.  I’ve worked very hard to become detached to live in the here and now ;  to concentrate on the juicy strawberry whilst the tiger above and the tiger below wait for me to decide to climb up or fall into the gully.  I can tell you all about the moon reflected in a pond just reflecting a bit of reality.  I knew that my husband’s rages weren’t my husband’s nature.  I knew that he felt terribly about his rages – but couldn’t do a damned thing about controlling them – in fact it was a miracle he’d never beaten me up physically.

A friend asked me why I didn’t leave him.  I guess I could say that I didn’t leave him because I didn’t know where to go but that’s a lie.  In a very worse case scenario I always knew I could go home to the States.  I’d found a job at one time and I could have moved out and gotten an apartment.  I thought about leaving him, I really did.  Then I’d think that he’d have felt devastated – he was always so very aware of being alone, he knew everyone preferred not to have to deal with him.  I didn’t leave him because I’d committed myself to our relationship – because I knew that in his own way he did love me and in my way I loved him.

So now sometimes I think, he’d somehow guessed that I wasn’t coming back this time and I wonder if the accident was really an accident.  Of course there’s no way to know if any of this is more than my guilt feelings jabbing me in my conscience.  He’s gone and the battles are over.  He doesn’t have to feel detested any more and I don’t have to pretend that all that anguish wasn’t painful.  I feel lonesome sometimes.  I feel free sometimes.  I also feel like I want to wait a long long time before I even ever want to begin to think of ever having another relationship.

And that’s where I am right now.  I don’t feel inspired to write very often.  I don’t feel very inspired to go for walks anymore either.  Right now I’m drifting – so I’ve made an appointment with a psychologist to help me work through some of these feelings that are walled up inside me, basically because I’ve no one to talk to about these issues.

Maybe I’ll be a better writer for all this … or maybe I’ll never really be able to write at all.  As my Sis would say, it is what it is.  But I hope to get back to writing soon.

Ciao, Georgia

The Minstrel – Soliloquy no Renga – May 5, 2016


the morning shadow
hidden a minstrel sings
a song for his love

echoes upon the water
brings no answer hither

where is his lady
flown off to meet another
his song echoes still

along the walkways others
walk past without hearing him

the wind changes
cold upon the land – whispers
spring hides away

now the willow’s tresses fly
as the cold winds blow from sea

in the coming storm
a blackbird sings of love
hidden in shadows

© G.s.k. ‘16

Well … I just discovered that I misread the consignment so I for Carpe Diem Tokubetsudesu #78 Soliloquy no Renga “autumn night” by Santoka Taneda  I will attempt to write a proper “Soliloquy No Renga” perhaps later today if I have time … I won’t be posting for the next 4 days as the Historical Reenactment season is again upon us and I’ll be off to 1430 Italy … ciao,  Bastet

Just a note: Still Blocked

After 24 hours, I’m still locked out of my dashboard.  So, how am I posting you ask?  From that little line on the top of my homepage up near the notifications square and my avatar…it says: New Post.  I clicked it and got a rudimentary editor page. Continue reading

Just a Note: September 30, 2013

Hello World!

As was expected, it was a busy week.  Preparations for Hubby’s exhibition is entering into its final stages!  Sisko worked up a great basic template for his pamphlet and poster (below) which we printed up and began to distribute. We’ll be able to use it latter on for when he exhibits in Rovereto.

There was the choosing of the pictures he wants to put on display…not easy as he wants to put the exhibition up in the same way he creates his pictures, bit by bit harmonizing with the showroom as he goes along.  So until we have the keys to the showroom, it’s all theoretical…but still implies hours of discussion as the photos have to be taken and processed to but into his book!  Anyway, Saturday, October the 5th is the big day and we have the keys tomorrow morning. Continue reading

Just a Note: 23 September 2013

Hello World!

morning shot b&w

Last week, I completed separating my blog!  Those of you who’ve been reading my blog, will of course have noticed that I’m using a new theme.  In point of fact, it’s the theme I started out with back in January but had changed in March.  The only difference being that I’ve decided to use a dark background that will exalt the photographs and images of my posts.  It’s also a little easier on the eyes and has “foot bars” which is useful.  The links are in green by the way instead of the classical blue. Oh and the name is slightly changed:  Bastet and Sekhmet’s Library.

With the new format, I also began to weed out old reblogs, update categories and retire some of my older work that has little to do with my present subject matter.  Now all the poems have their own category and are no longer in the global generic category: Poetry, and believe me that was a long haul, I never realized how much I’d written!.

I’ve still got to finish removing the old photographic work from the Library, they have already been exported to Through the Eye of Bastet, which is the name of the new blog, just in case you didn’t know!  I also updated the About page, but left the Front Page is the same…I may go read it and update it soon, but it will remain “as is” for the most part.

I also blog elsewhere.  Most of you know this, some may not.

I blog with WDBWP as editor under the main title of Pixelventures, three posts concerning photography:  one a prompt (Tuesday), the other a closing of the previous prompt (Wednesday) and the third a general “whatever I can get together about photography” post (Saturday).

On the 13th Floor Paradigm I post as author: I write about Japanese poetry from time to time, last week I tried to get into what a Haiku and Senryu are for us in the West.  I’ve also done a writing prompt which I’ve decided to make a Sunday (Weekly) event dedicated to Power Shorts.  This blog is a fairly new blog.  The result of encounters between 13 poets and writers.  We have a vague idea of creating a meeting place, where we can showcase different aspects of writing (poetry and prose) and blogging in a radical way, radical as in roots. Go to the home page and you can see some of the articles written so far!   It hasn’t really taken off yet though but I have high hopes that it’ll eventual find its direction.

And enfin, I write for the Poet’s Corner now as author under the category:  Georgia.  I’m there because I wanted to write among poets and see what real poets think about how I write.  “Real” as in people who specialize in poetry, unlike me who is a bit like a chaotic butterfly that flits here and there. (I transfer my poems onto the Library so my community can read them.)

Now this may seem a lot, but basically it’s what I would have done anyway on Bastet and Sekhmet.  Writing on different blogs only means that I write on a specific subject for one blog or another.

The price paid this week though is the backlog of reading that I’m never going finish, as I was commenting with Tamrahjo yesterday.  Once you fall behind on the reading you never ever get current again.  I don’t “easy like”, though in these cases I really feel tempted to do so,  just so people will know I haven’t abandoned my community.

This was the week that was!  I didn’t talk to about my writing!  I’ve been doing a daily Haiga challenge, experimenting with poetic forms, I’ve written a few short short stories, participated in a couple of photographic challenges etc. etc. etc.

This week I’m going to continue with experimentation of poetic forms, continue the daily Haiga and Haiku, write a few short short stories, play around with photographs, read my reader and comments and notifications and reply to them…uhm, well, in a few words, what I always do, no?

Ciao!  Thanks for dropping by and have a great week blogging!


Just a Note: Through the Eye of Bastet

Hello world!

From the Station where I'd parked my moped.

From the Station where I’d parked my moped.

I thought I’d make this official!  Bastet now blogs on her own!  That’s right, I’ve opened a new blog dedicated to photography called: Through the Eye of Bastet.  I’ve already transferred many of the photographic posts I’ve done here over to that blog, and shortly will continue the migration.  Once completed, all those posts will be deleted from Bastet and Sekhmet.

The Sunday Walk and Painting the Town Red, as well as all photographic challenges will have their home on Through the Eye, so if you like this series, you’ll need to go there to see them in future.  In the meantime, I’ve already published two photo posts there a Wordless Wednesday (which will remain common to both blogs) and a Weekly Challenge dedicated to an Unusual Point of View.  I consider haiga poetry though so they will stay right here on Bastet and Sekhmet.

I’m also cleaning up my categories here as well as clearing up some older less professional posts.  This blog will be for poetry and short stories etc and Bastet as usual will furnish the images for those posts 😉  If I could I’d add to my original title: From the Akashic Library, but i don’t think I can.

Oh! Do you remember that We Drink published an anthology of poets recently?  I’d like to know how I can make it available from this blog?  Anyone know how to do that?

I almost forgot…Just a Note will remain on Bastet and Sekhmet appearing as usual on Monday morning or when something special comes up.

Thanks for reading and see you very soon!  Have a great week!

Just A Note: September 9, 2013

Hello World!


That was quite an interesting beginning wasn’t it.  This week has been an emotion packed week.  Not all good emotions either, but looking from a philosophical point of view, one must ask what is good and what is bad.  I’m not one of those persons who believes pain will make you grow nor do I believe that just looking at the bright side of life you will make things positive come your way.  Though I’ve seen that if one wishes to be hosanna-ed one can write extensively on either subject and many will read them in droves.

Some unforeseen problems have been making life a bit rocky for me at the moment, and sometimes that means I look at the keyboard for assistance because nothing wants to be written or read.  Some of my fellow bloggers also have been having their health and family problems which have kept them away from blogging and the place has been a little emptier without them.  Of course, life is an ebb and flow and I know that it’s only a question of time, then the metaphorical sun will rise again, adjustments having been made.  This is the real miracle of life in my opinion.


Barb Taub’s book “One Way Fare has been published and is for sale!  I’ve been watching over the months as Barb’s been progressing towards this happy day. I wish to offer my personal congratulations to Barb on this effort!  The link will take you to her announcement page, have a look!


As for my personal publishing efforts…they’re efforts.  Actually, I’ve never gone to a publisher yet.  I have more or less finished a first short story that might be acceptable to a magazine now that I’ve finished all my refining, retuning, re-editing to get rid of all the grammar, typo, tense and punctuation errors.  I’ve now sent it to my sister, who’s given it to a mutual friend, for final editing.

What’s the problem?  I don’t like what the story has become.  Could be because having spent so much time on it, I’ve just become weary of it.  However, one of my readers said that it was a “traditional” good read.  At that point I shuddered and a lot of my enthusiasm went out of the project.  So, I’ll have to do some re-thinking here.


I’m taking part in a daily Haiga challenge this month.  This is an interesting project too.  I’m using my photographs for the most part in this challenge, though I’ve continued to draw in my spare time, which isn’t much right now.

Golden Haiga

I’ve also become interested in Haibun, thanks to Ese’s Voice and the Ligo Haibun challenge.  I used the Haibun form also this week to write my Friday Fictioneers’ contribution.  It was interesting getting the story and the Haiku all in 100 words.

On the 13th Floor I’ve also published a Power Short prompt;  write a children’s story.  I discovered Power Shorts long before I came across Friday Fictioneers and though they are basically the same thing, my prompt furnishes a requested genre as well as a prompt.


Alas, oh sigh, I’m plagued with spam.  Each day I have to go to my comment page and weed the stuff out.  I could just do an empty spam, but unfortunately, sometimes not all the spam is spam.

This is a problem that is plaguing everyone as seen through Papizilla’s post on his new blog “The Literary Syndicate“…17 bits of spam on a blog just that had just opened!  By the way, besides this post on spam, Papi’s doing a good job on getting the word out about indie publishers in a big way, have a look.

However, there have been some spammers who’ve been able to infiltrate  the barriers of Askimet.  Two such spammers that came my way this week were via Tumblr and another site.  They made comments on an older post of mine which seemed kind of strange.  I looked them over and voilà, they were two lovely ladies (sic) who run an on-line sex site.  Of course I spammed them out of existence.

Yesterday though in answer to my post, “Thoughts: Women and Writing” I received this long comment which I’m copying and pasting:

Let’s start with breaking the ‘binary-gender roles’…when we no longer associate genitalia, with one’s capabilities, or entitlements…only then might we know the equalization of the human…

I believe that you’ll have to break the cultural typecasts to advance yourself…. and consider too, any mammalian instinctive behaviors…isn’t that why the human is presumably given the conscious mind…would it be to continue answering to the animal within?

Do you first wish to inspect my genitalia, or will my conscious-mind suffice?
Thank you…
-The ‘artist’ known as Malikoma
p.s. No butt-sniffing please!”

For this lovely answer a Gravitar was created ad hoc.  I haven’t approved the comment on my post, not because of its content, but because the Gravitar was created ad hoc.

Of course this person, whom I suspect to be a shy male 😉 (but one never knows) may be legitimate.  However, once I approve this, and unless I want to moderate each and every comment, this person can comment without approval on any post without moderation and I might be forced in future to take down the comment.  So I posted the comment here.  What do you think about these extemporaneous commenters?  Would you consider this a sort of censorship on my part?  Of course if you wish to reply, have the courage to do so openly instead of hiding behind a ad hoc Gravitar.

Yesterday on “Lucy’s Football” there was an interesting article about Spam and our “followers” many of whom are following just to spam.  The most disheartening thing about “followers” is that you can’t have them unfollow you.  Well, actually, I think you can spam them and they can’t comment on your posts anymore. Have a look at the post and tell me what you think, if you’ve got the time.

In Conclusion:

Just a Note: September 2, 2013

Hello world!

As I’m running late this morning, let me just jump right into this note!


This week I was nominated by Canadian Travelbug’s for three awards!  They are: The best Moments Award, Reader Appreciation Award, and Semper Fedelis Award.

Her nomination for me read: for poetry and a weekly photo challenge she sets. She also posts some great photos.  You may also recognise her from putting me on her Saturday Close Up :)

She also gave a description behind the meaning of each award!  let me quote her here:

“The Best Moment Award… This award is given to a blog that has a literary piece defining a specific moment that is thought-provoking, creative, honest, and or inspiring.

Reader Appreciation was created by my blogging friend Jennifer at My Sardinian Life for people who read and commented on her blog and gave a worthwhile contribution by doing so.

The last one Semper Fidelis shows appreciation for fellow on-line friends who you consider part of your ‘wolf pack’ (that is their words not mine ;) )”

I’d already received the above awards except for the Reader Appreciation award, so I’ll just show you this award, which I appreciated very much!


Thank you so much for you expression of appreciation!

And as always, I’d like to dedicate these awards to my faithful readers!  It’s great to have a lot of followers, but what is really special is to have faithful readers and commenters, like Canadian Travelbugs!  So for you who read, here’s a warm hug and award.  Thanks for existing!


As those of you that read me on Saturday discovered Sahm King from We Drink Because We’re Poets finished editing and published the first anthology which also encluded 10 of my poems!  I’ve already written a whole post dedicated to this, for me, wonderful event.  You can go and look at it here!  On both pages you can find the link to Smashwords where you can download your free copy!  Yes, it’s free…this one is an introduction to our different voices in poetry.  Go get your copy and tell us what you think!


I had a melancholy week, only to be expected when the season begins to change, as you can see from Bastet’s Pixelventure’s 27 August 2013.  The middle season, can be a time of great inspiration, but alas it can also be a moment melancholy reflection.

However, in my lifetime I’ve faced melancholy over and over again, and I’ve found what works for me is accepting that it’s there and then move on.  So, I’ve decided to participate in a daily Haiga challenge!  Here’s the first Haiga:

footsteps in cement

The initiative has been taken by The 19th Planets Art Blog 210/2013 if you want to participate go to the link and get the instructions!  This is the second prompt, which you may or may not want to use.

I was so very happy this week, when one of my favorite writers participated in Wordless Wednesday with her photographs!  Cranky aka ME McMahon related her fantastic adventure trying to photograph her first progressive sunrise…I think it was fantastic!  Have a look: “Shh…It’s Wordless Wednesday!” and as any great writer would do on her other blog she wrote of the adventure it was to get those photos “A Wacky Walk“.  Take a few minutes if you haven’t done so yet and have a look.  You’ll love the Wacky Walk 🙂 !

Well, I actually have lots of stuff to tell you, but not much time left, as I woke up late this morning!  I’d just like to indicate a few great bloggers that i think you might like to read and follow:  Cubby did a great blog on the Ghazal, which has inspired me to try another of those great poems.  Ese’s Weekly Quote and Shoot Challenge is another inspiration, and its through her I discovered the Haibun at The Ligo Haibun Challenge!  Have you ever wondered what would happen if a famous poet or author were to be edited in our day and age…I do often, this is a very funny post: “What if Emily Dickinson Attended a Writer’s Workshop?” some food for thought!  And, as we’re all getting ready for autumn, I thought that this blog kind of puts everything in a Zen perspective: Spring from My Dogablog, Monty reminds us that in Australia the seasons are really very relative!  And last but not least a special word for the 13th Floor Paradigm…there are some pretty interesting workshops that have recently opened up, go have a look into writing sonnets and mythology, just to name two…oh and I do something from time to time about Japanese Poetry and Literature 😉 .

Have a nice week everyone and see you in blogosphere!

Bastet (via Georgia)

Just a Note Special: The 13th Floor Paradigm

Bastet and Sekhmet: The Innerworkings

Hello world!

Those of you who don’t know me…join the club!

I was born on February 18, 1952…on a defunct Air Force Base, in the state of Illinois, U.S.A.  My life until I was 18 was a life of constant travel…town to town, state to state and once I lived in a foreign country, the Philippines.  After I was 18, my life was a life of constant travel, but not in the United States…I left it when I was 18 in fact and never returned, except for a few brief visits.

The first 10 years of my adult life, I lived and worked in different African countries.  There I had the experience of civil war, revolution and general upheaval.  Though I loved African and its people, it got wearisome.

In 1982, therefore, I settled down in Italy…though moving from city to city and province to province.  In 1994 I settled down at last.  I live in the extreme north of that country, in the province of Trentino, not far from the Austrian border.

I sculpt, paint, draw, take photographs, write poetry and short stories.  Lately I’ve been doing more of the latter three activities though.  I love to read, like the cinema (but not splatters et al), and any type of music that fits my mood. I used to sing, second soprano and play the piano, though I gave the piano up early in life.   I monitor an English Conversation Group in the winter.  I’m married to an artist and retired teacher (my second husband).  I have three sons and four grandchildren.  So, of course I’m never bored.

Now…for my appearance…my hair is graying, my eyes are light blue tending also to gray , in the summer I tan and get pale in the winter…sometimes I’m thin, when I remember to watch what I eat…right now, alas, I’m a chubby kitty ;-) .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I blog at Bastet and Sekhmet…I chose those names for several reasons; I like cats, my two computers are named after these two Egyptian Goddesses and they express two aspects of my personality…domestic and warrior.

I also monitor for We Drink Because We’re Poets the weekly photographic prompt…my challenge, get people to take photographs for their blogs and if someone writes a poem for their photo, I feel that my work has been useful.

Now, here I am on the 13th Floor, to offer my ideas about poetry, writing, photography and anything else that may be interesting to a world that has lost sight of anything that goes beyond daily hand to mouth consumerism.  Oh, not by explaining anything, I’ve nothing to explain.  As the Zen masters would say: do not say, everyone has their path to follow and each has his own talent, that is my philosophy of life…short and simple.

At present, I’m working on a book of Haiku with my personal pencil and sepia drawings which I hope to publish in Italian and English…I want to put together two anthologies of my short stories and as a member of the Italian Union Photographers, I hope to submit some of my photos to be published and maybe take part in some of the local exhibitions.

So now, you know about as much about me as I do…or maybe not ;-)

Just a Note: Monday 5 August 2013

Hello World!


Well…this has been a memorable week for me…chock full of art and creativity…making new acquaintances who may become new friends, experimenting with words and photos…intense family commitments.

There have been moments that I’ve met myself going and coming.  This has meant that sometimes I made some pretty weird mistakes!  I published two posts which were only supposed to be drafts to come back and elaborate at a later date…thought I’d rendered them private and then when I got back on-line, saw they were still up!  I commented Ye Olde Foole’s post, suggesting he should publish his two-syllable Sonnet, which I’d read elsewhere, on the page he’d published it on!  Must have been asking himself what I’d been smoking!

If you read the Just a Note Flash I published, I think on Thursday, you’ll know that my family and I are a little under pressure at the mo’.  But thanks to art and creativity, we’re in pretty high spirits just the same.  A plus hubby has begun to understand that blogging is indeed a creative form of communication, or as he says, at least the way I do it.

I’m learning that I really must organize my reading and writing here at Bastet and Sekhmet.  I’m not really one for organization and tend to do the first thing that comes under my eyes.  I’ve begun to learn how to schedule, which has been very useful to keep the blog up as I’m doing something else.  As for new stuff, I travel with a purse that’s closer to a back-pack where I keep my note-book and camera (as well as everyone’s stuff as my men don’t like to weigh their pockets down with glue, wallets, cell phones etc) so when something inspires me I have my material with me ready to record what I’ve seen or felt.

This cannot be said for reading other people’s blogs though.  I read my notifications and reply to them on the WP archives, once every few hours.  I’d had the habit of reading the e-mail communications of the posts on other people’s blogs, spending a couple of hours a day…then there was the reader.  Horror struck me when I saw there were around 300 notifications in my “mail” box each morning waiting to be read these past few days!  I need a secretary!

Obviously I can’t spend 12 hours  a day (tried that yesterday!) every day on my computer, which probably wouldn’t be enough time anyway (it wasn’t).  So, I’ll just have to muddle along, hoping you all will be understanding if you don’t see me over at your place, commenting or whatever.  I’ll be spending no more than two hours a day for the reader and notifications…so what I can do I will.

Painting the town red!

Painting the town red!


Sahm King and Baldy have come up with the idea to post writing prompts!  You may say..there are a bazillion prompts, but let me tell you there are only one Sahm King and Baldy, so their prompts to me are special!  Prompts are a good idea from time to time…you get to try something new, get out of your comfort zones and that keeps people fresh and inventive!  In a moment when we’re suffering from writer’s block, it’s a way to get out of the rut.  So prompts are the next best thing to chocolate in my book to help keep up and going!

What’s that you say, Baldy doesn’t blog any more?  Oh no, my friends, Baldy is back and blogging stronger than ever.  He returned on the 31st of July…so if you didn’t get the news yet, just go up there and click the link!

I had a request this week to write to the 3 Gymnopédie by Eric Satie by Barb Taub.  So, I wrote for her The Senryu Trilogy. This has been the second time I’ve written a piece in answer to a request, the first being made Cathy Ulrich!  If you click her name it’ll take you to the piece and the link to find Cathy!  Makes me feel like a musician!  😉

You’ve of course seen the two photos on this page.  I created them on Saturday and Sunday.  Photography is that other passion that has been growing over the months.  I look back on my first photo “service”, Toblino Castle and at the work I do now and it’s amazing to me how my work has become more professional and at times sophisticated!

imprisoned rose


I’ll just close this up by reminding you that I also contribute to We Drink Because We’re Poets…I have a weekly photo challenge (I’m being challenged!) to prompt you all to take a photo and maybe write something about it, maybe a short poem (?)…it’s called Bastet’s Pixelventures and it has two sister posts;  Pixelventure’s Photo Finish where I post the results of former Tuesday’s Pixelventures and Pixelventure’s Close-up, where I either write about a photographer or about photography.  If you have something you think might be interesting to photograph…send a word, you’ll help me make my weekly challenge goal!

You all have yourselves a great week!  A big hug to all.