Juxtaposition – Cicadas and Snow – July 6, 2015

snow lamp

July afternoon
cicadas sing in the trees
I dream of snow
upon a mountain road
white patched trees and lamplight

summer heat
inviting thoughts of winter
as cicadas sing

This photograph was used yesterday for Silent Sunday … yesterday the thermometer hit 32° C. and for the first time this summer the cicadas began to sing.  Looking through my archives, I came across this photograph, with a lovely lamp-post in the snow.

cicada song burst
a hot summer afternoon
visions of snow

© G.s.k. ‘15

Please follow the LINK for the full episode of Carpe Diem Time Glass #34, “juxtaposition”.  Below are Chèvrefeuille’s example of juxtaposition illustrated in his great haiku and tanka:

at the nude beach
the heat is overwhelming –
longing for the coolness
high up in the mountains
perpetual snow

© Chèvrefeuille

perpetual snow
reflects the sunlight –
I dream of a nude beach

© Chèvrefeuille