Mi Mao Tom’s Spring Song — Kyoka – March 14, 2015

Netsuke of Two Cats

oh gentle geisha
how sweet’s your smile
mi mao
sing more for me just a while
your heady ways make me sigh

here at your feet
oh fine gentle creature
this lowly tom
must admire your subtle forms
I mi mao for your love

spring has come
oh sweet lithesome willow
your forms excite
this lowly creature … mi mao
come to visit with me tonight

ah the wind and rain
shall reign tonight my dove
if you’ll come to me
I’ll stroke your lovely back
oh – how we shall purr – mi mao

© G.s.k. ‘15

This kyoka was written thanks to my friend Jen who brought my attention to this wonderful Netsuke of Two Cats a 19th century Japanese wooden miniature – Information about the piece and the photo can be found HERE and more information about Netsuke can be found HERE

Dawn Thoughts – August 1, 2014



dawn thoughts
walking through another day
silence my companion


trouble and strife
companions of existence …
questions without answers
solutions – new problems
we call all this living


the gull flies closely
to grab a bite of bread
the ducks squawk loudly
chasing away the bandits
the pigeon ate his fill


Dawn Thoughts – July 16, 2014

2:30 Storm


four thirty rising
the house shook with thunder
closed out the rain
then, wrote a pixelventure
whilst the gnats feasted on me


old lady passing
each morning as always
cat meows greetings

Bright Morning – Free Verse

a beautiful sky this morning,
clear intense celestine brilliance
not a cloud to block my vision,
as though rain had never  fallen …

just an hour ago

heaven seemed to fall
shaking the house with thunder
rain poured through the windows
an awesome tempest raged

this summer’s yet begun
though July is nearly over
but our valley is so green,
the fig trees are full of fruit!

Dawn Thoughts – July 2, 2014

More Rain

More Rain


autumn cold in june
rain washes the mountains
trekkers in ponchos


in Rome they say
that temperatures are high
in our valley though
we shiver in autumn rain
need a train ticket!


Yesterday I got up early, as usual, but I was isolated once again from the world!  By good luck, or perhaps it was just fate, I’d begun the evening before, writing in Word ™, a poem for Oloriel’s Monday Poetry Prompt … and I had downloaded Yves’ Wordle from Mindovermisery’s Menagerie.  So I had the chance to write, though not publish.  My biggest worry was that I couldn’t put up my Pixelventures weekly prompt.

Internet connected around 9:30 but by then, my family was up and getting breakfast ready, my son having plans to leave early to get back to his studies in Padua.

The connection popped on and off all day.  So, I finally did what I’d planned a week or so ago.  My hubby had given me a new HDD … a fantastic roomy new hard disk with a terabyte of place to fill up!  But, I had two problems: the first is in November I’d had a friend put Ubuntu up on my computer and couldn’t get Windows to boot without it, and the second was that I didn’t want to spend a lot of downtime reinstalling my system – losing 6 years of updates to boot! (That’s how long my present system has been running!)

I did a quick search in order to solve the first problem and found the answer at Informatica Libera Antonio Cantaro, yes, I searched in Italian … because I’ve always worked with computers here in Italy and understand computer stuff in Italian . English is Greek to me when it comes to computers!  Fix in a jiffy! (I used the second suggestion – rebuilding my MBR and boot with my Windows installation CD).

I resolved second problem thanks to a second reasearch result … this time at Locker Gnome (in English) and learnt how to clone my old system onto my new hard disk with Todo Backup by EaseUs  making it possible to just change the disk and keep all my old configuration and data!

It worked a charm!  Then, since my computer was open, my husband did a little dusting on the inside of my case and he changed my “alimentatore” too (which feeds electricity to the computer maybe power source in English?) with a bigger one and by 9:00 in the evening, I had a refurbished computer with a terabyte of space to slosh around in (my former HDD was 180 gigabytes).  There are a few little quirks I admit.  I’ll have to reinstall my antivirus for example and the start-up is a little sluggish so I’ll have to look into that, but so far it works fine.

annoying morning
creates a chance for change
learning new skills

Have a great day!  Bastet

Dawn Thoughts – June 29, 2014


backache and neck pain
a slight headache and I’m late
got so much to do
shaking my head I think that
these distractions – are arse pains

Japanese Poetry – Reflection

The Japanese are an extraordinary folk!  They have a variety of poetry forms, but they all physically look the same!

Take a haiku, which was once just a fragment of a bigger collaborative poem known as a renga and went under the name of hokku.  It’s all prim and proper with just so many onji (17 to be precise) about nature or something spiritual – has a kigo or seasonal word and then a cutting phrase to top it all off.  The first and last 5 syllable phrases can be inverted.  The middle 7 syllable phrase creates a sort of evolution in the poem.  One shouldn’t use the “ego” in it, it’s always in the present and one shouldn’t give an opinion … just the scene.  It can be very complicated to write.

The senryu which has the same structure 17 onji was born as a parody of the haiku.  I used to be a bawdy addition to a party and poets (who actually weren’t considered such by the more intellectual spiritual haiku masters) were paid to come up with something funny, maybe even following the haiku form with kigo et al … but you could use whatever popped into your head including ego, rhyme, conclusions, past tense punctuation all in 17 onji (for us syllables).

The kyoka therefore looks like a tanka, but tanka it ain’t!  The kyoka, historically was what the present senryu is now.  It was about the mundane … it could be comical or semi-serious with tongue in cheek humor.  It could be bawdy, it could be funny, it could be dead serious … but just for that reason, it could never be a tanka!  For more information about the kyoka and links to posts that specialize in the sort of poem follow this link to Poetry Forms!