Murder on the Strand – Kyrielle Sonnet and Shadorma – October 21, 2014

Murder on the Strand (Kyrielle Sonnet and Shadorma)

This Cenotaph of marble bright
Reminds me of her lover’s plight –
Whilst on a slope in a strange land
He met his death at murder’s hand.

He’d gone to feast one evening,
‘T’was with his neighbor, reveling.
From the merry crunch on the Strand
He met his death at murder’s hand.

Invisible – enameled knife sunk
To the hilt into his poor trunk
Though t’was a mistake and unplanned
He met his death at murder’s hand.

Lichen cover this Cenotaph –
He met his death at murder’s hand.

Minstrel call:
“Dismiss not this tale,
Give a coin …
Recede not …
My songs are my currency
And each word is pure gold.”

 (c) G.s.k. ’14

(The wordle words:  1. Cenotaph (a sepulchral monument erected in memory of a deceased person whose body is buried elsewhere.) 2. Currency 3. Neighbor 4. Lichen 5. Feast 6. Crunch 7. Recede 8. Invisible 9. Enamel 10. Slope 11. Murder 12. Dismiss)

Written for Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie ( Monday Wordle)


Kyrielle Sonnet: Writer’s Block

bike flowers

For: Cubby’s Challenge Kyrielle sonnet

Kyrielle Sonnet

Writer’s Block

Alas the words don’t come to me!
My blank mind keeps me company
Not sure of what to write just now,
I’ll write about a spotted cow.

I would write of bikes and flowers
Maybe of grapes on their bowers
But no words come of trees or bough
I’ll write about a spotted cow.

But cows are not inspiring!
This is becoming alarming!
Oh Bastet give your cat meow!
I’ll write about a spotted cow.

Alas the words don’t come to me!
I’ll write about a spotted cow.

To Ride with Ye Olde Foole

Ye Olde Foole wrote: “obsessed with seeing how short I can make the lines and it still end up with something meaningful…”  Here he wrote a Kyrielle Sonnet with two syllables per line!

I thought I’d try this experiment too…but couldn’t get proper sonnet rhyming and still have something meaningful…I take my hat off to the Maestro!


To Ride

I swoon
To ride
The moon
With you

Her light
Our dance
is naught

Stars smile
At me
As tears
Flow down

Some day
We’ll ride
Low moon
We two

But now
I wait.

Poem: Childhood Memories

Childhood Memories
(Kyrielle Sonnet – 8 syllables)
by Bastet

Carlyle Lake

Childhood memories, summer days
Air soupy heavy with wet haze
To cool off, just a window fan
Playing in sunshine, getting all tan

Swimming in an iron flavored lake
Skin burned that day to a crisp bake
Restless nights tossing and turning
Dreams of deserts sandy, burning.

Flash storms and tornado warnings
Early risings, bright cool mornings
Making iced tea and red kool-aid
Potato salad, fresh, home-made!

Going fishing for trout with gran
Like a proper grown-up woman
Fireworks on the 4th of July
Lighting up brightly dark night sky.

Childhood memories, summer days
Visited from my Autumn years.