Katydid and Lychee – Wordleing – October 12, 2015

Katydid and Lychee

It was written in the stars
the Laotong between
Katydid and Lychee.
Odd melancholic thoughts
would make both vacillate and cry,
and they shared their nocturnal flights,
crossing the ravine of continents,
assisted by their bond.
Bound by their placenta,
(given to them by a white witch
the day that they were born
enclosed in a golden amulet)
they were as close as the sea and sky,
although one girl still lived in Hunan
and the other in Japan.
Just a twitch on their keepsake
and one linked the other,
creating a communication
far better than our anemic words.

© G.s.k. ‘15

1.Katydid 2. Placenta 3. Melancholy 4. Nocturnal 5. Vacillate (to waver in mind or opinion; be indecisive or irresolute: to sway unsteadily; waver; totter; stagger.) 6. Laotong (in English: old sames; written: 老同 in Mandarin is a type of relationship within Chinese culture, which was practiced in Hunan, that bonded two girls together for eternity as kindred sisters.) 7. Written 8. Twitch 9. Ravine 10. Lychee (a Chinese fruit, can also refer to the tree looks like so http://sociallizard.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Lychee.jpg) 11. Assist 12. Anemic

Written for: Mindlovemisery’s Monday Wordle