Sadness – Free Verse – June 16, 2015


another birthday gone
and again I wasn’t present
they grow each day so tall
and I’ve missed their growing-up
how life’s twists and turns
leaving so much just unfinished
still even now I look
and see that life goes on

cry not for me my friend
I do that enough myself
my road took me this way
it was a conscious choice you know,
when I was just a kid
fallen from my bike
I laid upon the road
watched the clouds drifting by
and saw that life goes on.

no ties no bonds no chains
and no affection too
once you’ve chosen this lonely road
no on can comfort you
dependence has a price
that everyone must pay it
but the children soon grow-up
like clouds they drift away
and still live goes on.

© G.s.k. ‘15


Photo Challenge #65, Sadness, June 16, 2015

Another road – Free Verse – July 14, 2014

dividing house

is my journey
every choice
every byway
leads me forward.

It is an illusion
to thinkmy choices
were really important,
for each path chosen
another choice awaits.

I chose to fly
and visit the world
know strange lands
learn new customs:

It lead me to joy
to war
to destruction
to wonder
to love
and to peace.

What would have been my adventure?
If I’d chosen the path
obvious for me?

Now I ask
would I have been happier
or maybe lost?

It would have been
just another road,
the scenery different
full of malls
shopping centers
residential zones

organized chaos!

Another kind of war
another kind of joy.

The illusion is always
my choices might have been better
I’d chosen the other road.

(Reflecting on Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken)

Regrets? Kyrielle Sonnet – NaPoWriMo

Christopher Ryan McKenney

Christopher Ryan McKenney

The pathway of life twists and turns …
Decisions made, well, sometimes burn
Yet though wounded I don’t regret …
The choices made – Challenges met.

The easier road sometimes chosen
Seemed so tired,  well,  maybe frozen,
Chose I, deserts and minerets …
The choices made – Challenges met.

War and conflict, I didn’t request,
Gave form, well,  to my formal protest …
No ideal theory,  no shallow threat
The choices made – Challenges met.

The pathway of life twists and turns …
The choices made – Challenges met …

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Sunday Prompt the prompt was Soul Searching Regret…and I discovered, or rather I discovered quite some time ago, that over the years, I have made peace with every decision I’ve made until now.  Some decisions were actually made by others and I followed along … which is actually a decision.  We sometimes think that we are forced to walk a pathway we would rather not take, but there is one truth we should never forget:  the responsability for our life is our own.  We can always find a way to say “no” if we are willing to pay the price of that no.  Sometimes we aren’t, and often that too has a pricetag on it.

This doesn’t apply to small children of course…and the choices they make are made adapting the world they know.  It’s only as a person grows and realizes that sometimes what they believed to be a universal truth is only, at best, relative that the responsability for the road they’re following becomes their own, and sometimes the roots are so deep, that they never even realize that there is a choice.


Models and Molds – A Choka


Models and Molds

so many have passed
influencing my beliefs
and yet,  I have none
to whom I would bow down to
years came and they’ve gone
with bright thoughts and ideals
yet, I realized
thirty years or so ago
that men are just men
though their words may be sublime…
I’ve read the works of Gandhi
and admired his life
I’ve read the Dalai Lama
nothing to deny
The words of Marx or Sartre
Michel Foucault or
Simone de Beauvoir or Proust
each has left a seed
yet none has left a pathway
singers and poets
moved my soul to grateful tears
the wonder of art
miraculous expressions
of the human soul…
I love Ms Anonymous
for words of the wind
who then should I be choosing
for a special thanks
in truth no day passes by
without a surprise
a new name for a listing
though only for my own eyes


Dungeon Prompts are meant to help with opening the abandoned rooms inside ourselves and dusting them off a bit.  Every Thursday morning (PST) I’ll give a prompt that runs for a week, giving you enough time to explore the recesses of your mind and get back with a poem, story, or creative offering.

I’ve chosen from the suggestions this prompt:

Write a short story, poem, or share a picture or song that talks about your feelings on role models.