Beyond The Stone Wall (Light and Shade – May 18, 2014 )

Beyond The Stone Wall

Picture by blenderman2 on

Picture by blenderman2 on

The stone wall runs along the path, no one knows who built it. There certainly isn’t any clearing nor sign of human life beyond it. My grandsire says it has been there since the beginning of time…or at least it was already there when his grandsire was a child.

No one goes beyond the wall.

The light shines differently there and when you start to climb over the wall, you feel strange and anxious. I know, because I’ve tried once. That day, my friend Daniel, did get over the wall. In a second he was gone and he never returned.

Inspired by Light and Shade – Friday May 16, 2014

The Secret – (Light and Shade May 9, 2014)

“the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” – Roald Dahl

By G.s.k. 2013

It’s not over there
Near the rabbit’s lair!
Can’t know ‘til you tried
Just say that you care!The secret I hide
Is right here inside,
If you look here closely,
It might be your guide!

Look subtly not grossly.
Don’t frown so morosely.
It’s so simple to find,
And magical mostly.

It’s not the mysterious kind
It’s something to easily bind …
Hearts of a hawk and dove
So they entwine!

Come now my turtle-dove
Search for happiness, fall in love…
That’s my hidden magical secret
To have a tad of heaven above!

Believe in magic
Find life’s secret

A Song Inside – Light and Shade Challenge

Optimism is like a spiritual magnet
– Anna Massey

Jennefer woke up happy.  A song kept going through her head that seemed to give a special spring to her walk.  She took her shower singing it at the top of her lungs.  Then once dressed and having had breakfast, ran down her stairs onto the village’s sidewalk.

Spring filled the air with its perfume of flowers and birdsong and the song, still with her, kept working  it’s magic!

As she walked down the sidewalk going to the bus stop smiling, she passed people on the street and said “hello!”, whether she knew them or not and they replied smiling back at her.  Of course they couldn’t hear her magic song, but something must have been transmitted because they too began to have a spring in their walk and smiling went on their way greeting everyone they met on their path.

Nothing seemed to damp her spirit that day, everything went perfectly.  Finally before going to bed she found the song on YouTube…what a wonderful day it had been, Feelin’ Groovy!

Written for Light and Shade Challenge May 5



The Monarch Butterfly – Fairy Tale

“A dream has power to poison sleep” – Mutability, Percy Bysshe Shelley

The Monarch Butterfly

Fluttering through the jungle a large monarch butterfly heard a tukan caw somewhere nearby.  A flash of lightning streaked through the otherwise bright cloudless sky. Thunder rolled over the land, shaking the ground. The thunder never seemed to end, the echo kept rolling as though there were mountains nearby to bounce the sound around but the land was clearly flat. 

The old man’s eyes flew open…it was the same dream that had visited him for over a month.  He couldn’t imagine where the dream took place, nor why the tukan should be so important, yet it was.  He was drenched in sweat, and that too was odd.  Rationally thinking about the dream, there was really no reason for this reaction.

He got out of bed and went to the toilet.  After he finished peeing, he washed his hands and sloshed water onto his face, then returned to bed.

He looked around his room.  A storm was brewing outside his window, lightning flashed and thunder roared.  The mountains outside his cabin bounced the sound of the thunder around.  ‘Well, at least that explains the lightning and thunder.’ He thought and slowly drifted off to sleep again.


The tukan flew towards the butterfly, which seemed clearly afraid that it’d be the tukan’s next meal.

“My Lord betrothed, you must now take up the battle!  The black emperor will soon possess every bit of your kingdom and we will all be enslaved, the time has come! You can now possess what is your birth right, you need no longer hide …” said the tukan, who as it spoke was transforming itself into a beautiful winged maiden.  “You must awaken now!  Here’s my hand.”

The monarch butterfly began to pose itself onto the maiden’s hand but suddenly turned into a young prince with gossamer wings upon touching her.  “Ah, my lady-love!  I mistook you for a tukan that wanted to eat me!” 

She laughed then kissed him and said, “For heaven’s sake, a tukan no less!  No matter, you must try to stay awake now. Concentrate…who are you?”

“An old man dreaming of a butterfly?” he replied hesitantly and stopped suddenly remembering the enchantment he’d allowed to be imposed upon himself when he was younger in order to evade the black emperor’s death trap. “No, I am prince Sha’anon, heir to the throne of Evenrest, land of the spring sprites!”

They embraced, then took their swords from their sheaths to meet the emperor’s soldiers which were not far behind them now.

Dschuang-Dsi-Schmetterlingstraum-Zhuangzi-Butterfly-Dream from Wikimeadia Commons

Dschuang-Dsi-Schmetterlingstraum-Zhuangzi-Butterfly-Dream from Wikimeadia Commons (“Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a man.”)

I’ve written this for: Light and Shade Challenge – April 28, 2014 based on the famous story by Zhuangzi of the old man who dreamed he was a butterfly.