Writing with Sogi – Butterfly Home


This is today’s haiku on Carpe Diem Haiku Special the object is to write a haiku in the same sense, tone and spirit of the Haiku Master:

abandoned house
the garden taken over –
butterfly home

© Iio Sogi (Tr. Chèvrefeuille)


a ramshackle house
weeds and vines grow wild
a cat’s home

in those empty fields
falls an old abandoned house
a cat yawns

 © G.s.k. ‘15

Morning Haiku and Waka – January 3, 2015

indian summer
looking for a shady spot
near the river

under autumn skies
trees sway gently in the breeze
cool as the river

© G.s.k. ‘15

Today at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai we meet a new Haiku Master … pre Basho, he was born in 1421 and passed away on September 1, 1502.  His name was Sōgi and lived his life as a Zen Buddhist monk from the Shokokuji temple in Kyoto and he studied poetry, both waka and renga. In his 30’s he became a professional renga poet. For more information about this poet please visit Carpe Diem Haiku Kai.

Here is the poem which inspired this post:

ah, for coolness,
it rivals the water’s depth –
this autumn sky

© Iio Sogi (1421-1502)