Thorn – Tanka – July 5, 2015

roseshis words
like a thorn in her heart
withered her
leaving wilting rose petals
browning in the sun

the rose
its thorns still young
bend when touched
only with age can they protect
if the rose survives

© G.s.k. ‘15

Haiku Horizons

Haiku Horizons – Thorn

“Each standing in the other’s light” – Haibun – July 4, 2015

“When does love begin or end … is it something that has a beginning or end?  What is this thing we call love.  Do the birds love?”

She sat on the rocks looking out at sea and the gulls flying overhead, the turbulence that were her emotions resonating with the waves that lapped at her feet.   She wondered if just walking away might be a solution to the problem that was her “love life” as she thought about the words she shuddered … “love life” seemed a misnomer for her relationship with him.

When they’d first met, he seemed another person, though thinking back she realized that he’d never really changed.

The problems began when his own expounded philosophy got in the way of his deeply egocentric personality.  From the first “you have to find your talent, walk your own road – be yourself!”  clashed abysmally with his real need to be followed and emulated, she should have realized that those words spoken had nothing to do with what was really being said.  Of course, he believed every word he enunciated.  The problem was that he believed them for himself alone and didn’t even realize it.

Now the blah – blah – blah of all his beautiful words echoed around her and she felt cheated.  She now realized that she’d fallen in love with his ideals, his concepts that promised that wonderful state of being oneself with another beside you … perhaps if they’d never gone beyond ideals she could still imagine that here before her was an exceptional man.  She’d never believed in the idea of melting into another to become a whole … maybe she was the defective element, maybe that’s what living with another person was all about.  Could it be true, as he’d often said, that she was too individualistic – maybe she was the egocentric after all.

“What is love?  Where does it begin, when does it end?”

She’d always detested the popular love songs that played endlessly on the radio … “I need you to need me” seemed to be at the base of all those songs.  Need … The other favourite line: “I want you to want me”. Want …. Need and Want … babies need and want she thought, isn’t there something out there for adults.  She wondered if it was possible to walk beside someone else without “each standing in the other’s light”*?

echoing waves
the tide rolls out leaving sand
without footprints

© G.s.k. ‘15

*from The Thin Red Line

Free Verse: Rambling of Love

Free Verse

Rambling of Love

thinking of your youthful pangs
pain that fills your heart
need unearth
the wisdom of patient a-loneness
your free and flowing spirit
your flower dancing in the breeze


this, is the magic formula
that will attract love’s bees…

youthful gifts, often wasted
not having eyes to see
sighing over hormones
with their urgent growing needs

and I,
you ask?

seeking sweet surrender
someone to be my mirror
I forgot to look inside
to love the one who loves


now my life is different
reflective meditation
guides much of my endeavors
and though I still seek love
I no longer chase it,

ah, but I remember heart-break
pain and aggravation
that youthful turmoil in my soul
and all the hurt it caused.

wish that I could help you
my best beloved boy
but only years and wisdom
will give my words
a meaning
to your aching youthful heart.