OctPoWriMo Day 16 – Choka – October 16, 2015

moonlit vineyard

The Warrior

under the moon light
in the last days of autumn
the warrior stood tall –
loosing her bow her arrow
made a perfect arc
then returning unto earth
fell in an arbour
draped in red and orange leaves –
a lone raven crowed
and two grey wood doves bubbled
the cold wind whispered –
she sighed in her keen knowledge
that snow would soon fall
pulling her woollen cape close
she looked one last time
then turning she walked away
remembering him
only as a summer breeze
she – one with the night
continued to walk her path

there in the moon light
of the last days of autumn
the warrior once stood
her woollen mantle drawn close
as softly fell a snow flake

© G.s.k. ‘15

Originally, the choka or long poem was an epic poem relating deeds of honour, love and other stories. It was more often than not sung and many were passed down only orally in that form. It was a form borrowed from the Chinese (in Japanese waka) – as were many other things in those far off days, including writing and Buddhism.

The choka can be of almost any length, because its form depends on alternating phrases (or lines) containing five – seven sound (onji) units (which we’ll call syllables).  The end of the poem ends using two lines of seven syllables. So the form is five/seven/five, five/seven, five/seven, …. , five/seven/five/seven/seven (which creates a tanka).

Wordleing on Monday – July 14, 2014


The wordle contains 12 words those words are: 1. Grudge 2. Numinous 3. Malady 4. Locket 5. Sentimental 6. Recover 7. Grain 8. Linen 9. Knees 10. Wilt 11. Silver 12. Hollow

The Lady Mantis

 In the hollow of her silver locket
‘Twas the portrait of her handsome beau.
He’d wooed her long upon his knees,
For want of her mysterious numinous glow …

The sore malady of her broken heart,
Alas, kept her from sentimental joys …
She’d never recovered fully from the hurt
That had wilted her youthful poise …

He merited not her blackened grudge
For his heart was as pure as snow,
Court her he did the summer long until,
Warmth on her cheeks did glow …

They laid upon the white silken linen
After  that last summer’s day of love
She’d placed his image in her locket …
To remember him, her sweet cooing dove.

She killed him after their delights,
With three grains of poison in his wine …
Then sipped she too from his dark glass
For she feared he’d leave her in time.

 In the hollow of her silver locket
‘Twas the portrait of her handsomet beau.
He’d wooed her long upon his knees,
For want of her mysterous numinous glow …

Mindlovesmisery Menagerie – Wordle

Wordle #8 – Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – 12/5/14

wordle8Supernal wren
flew through the sky
searching for moss
upon the slippery stones …

Artistic bird
in his nuptial ecstasy
searched the lake
for his material …

He came upon
some perplexing cloth
pulled it from the drench
then flew off …

Lady wren did not appreciate
the strange graphic marks,
agitated, she refused his nest at once
his song became a palliative of love.

Wordle #8 Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie