Memories of Innocence – Trinet – October12, 2015

Collage 8

Memories of Innocence

in my secret garden
where once I wished on stars
a dream
now gone

© G.s.k. ‘15

Note:  the form is a Trinet (7 lines with word counts of 2,2,6,6,2,2,2).

Written for: Writing Prompt #128 “Collage 8″

Secret – Chained Haiku – June 15, 2015


in my secret place
far from the indiscreet
my lover seeks me

my lover seeks me
showering me with rain drops
rose-buds flower

rose-buds flower
celebrating spring time
summer thoughts

summer thoughts
bright red cherries ripen
weighing down the tree

weighing down the tree
in this secret garden
two lovers meet

two lovers meet
ripened by long years of sighs
a blackbird sings

a blackbird sings
revealing my secret love
which no one understands

© G.s.k. ‘15

Memories of Summer Love – Free Verse – July 19, 2014


The seab_wShe toasted on warm white sands,
In my island land of sea and surf,
‘Til the sun died in the sultry waves,
When she’d come into my waiting arms.

Under stars sparkling like crystal spheres,
We’d make love through the summer night …
Then spent serenely we’d drift apart,
Until the purple morning’s dawn.

But seasons come and then they go …
Autumn leaves fell like crimson tears,
Withered and tired our love too died,
She left my bed and then my land.

Memories fill my wintry days
Now that my years are nearly over,
I think of my brown maiden by the sea
As she toasted on warm white sands.


I toasted on warm white sands
In his island land of sea and surf
When the sun died in the sultry waves
I’d run into his waiting arms.

Our love was strong, or so I thought,
We loved throughout the summer nights.
Spent we’d dream in each others arms
‘Til purple dawn shone upon our bed.

But seasons com and seasons go,
The autumn leaves fell like crimson tears
Our love grew tired and wearied me

Alas, I left his bed and then his land.

Now I, with hoary white hair, think of him …
And the memory of our warm exotic love,
I’d toast the days upon the warm sand
And pass the nights in his strong arms.

Fireflies and Fairy lights – June 21, 2014

by Anja

by Anja

under the starlit sky
walking in the fields
beside the woods
a princess met her prince
one Midsummer’s night …

under the starlit sky
fireflies lit the fields
beside the woods
where the couple met to woo
one Midsummer’s night

under the starlit sky
a fairy passing stopped
beside the woods
watched the couple loving
one Midsummer’s night

under the starlit sky
fireflies and fairy light
beside the woods
inspired eternal devotion
one Midsummer’s night.

Anja’s Post for Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie inspired this little poem … now I’ll try to get down to serous work … maybe with some help 😉

Carpe Diem’s – After Love Prompt – June 1, 2014

natural love-making
harmony in red

Chopin and birds
as I road you this morning
ecstasic chorus

sand, stars and waves
mixing with our love chorus
sated we drift

under the moon-light
we walked sated by the shore
summer love-making

Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai – Prompt #482 – After Love