Just a Note – A passing – October 28, 2015

Father and Son


I’ve been off-line since Sunday afternoon and will probably not be writing on my blog for a few days.  Unfortunately my husband met with a fatal accident, it seems that probably due to a fall (where he’d hit his head and bruised his back and legs a few weeks ago) he probably had a micro fracture which went unnoticed because when he only consulted our doctor about the vivid bruises he disregarded the rather large bump on the back of his head. Our doctor believes that he probably was a victim of an aneurysm or something similar due to the fall which broke loose while he was riding our moped.

Luciano was an artist.  He’d created his own form of artistic expression (which I’ll call “glass works”) and created some really beautiful pieces of which he was justly proud.  He was a cancer survivor and had just received the results of his recent analysis reassuring him that no new cancer cells had been found, for which he was very relieved.  He had the opportunity to see his son receive his Master of Arts Degree in Modern History with honours for which he was both proud and happy. And though we had our ups and downs as do most couples … we had many wonderful moments together.

He didn’t expect to die any time soon  … he didn’t write a poem for his passing, so I will try to write his jisei for him.

quest’uccello vola libero
in autunno

this bird flies free
in autumn

© G.s.k. ‘15

Below is a sample of Luciano’s work and a few articles I’d written in the past.  Many of the photographs that you’ve seen over the last few years on my blog were taken during walks I’ve with him.  These photographs were taken by me as well … the quality is poor but they will give you an idea of what he used to do. The opening photo is the last photo I took of him with our son on the day of our son’s graduation, just a few days before his passing.

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Luciano Neri – Objects on Glass a Photographic Exhibition

La Rocca di Riva

Sotto i portici di Riva

The Exhibition

A Triolet and A Sedoka


Double Tetractys: The Exhibiton

Double Tetractys

The Exhibition

Is the day!
Everything’s done!
Except for the refreshments I’m baking…
Pictures hung, flowers chosen, music too…
Months of work,
To Show,

Luciano Neri's Art exhibition from 5 October until 17 October

Luciano Neri’s Art exhibition from 5 October until 17 October
Arco (TN) Italy

OctPoWriMo: Day 5

Photography: Help! Need some suggestions!

A few weeks ago for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture, I posted some pictures by the artist, Luciano Neri.  They were photographs made by a professional photographer, Adriano Frisanco.

Since then, I’ve been asked to try to photograph some of his newer collages but this time on mirrors!  Yesterday’s post for the Challenge was my first result…great photo, love it, but not what I wanted at all!

Here are three trials of another of his collages (some call them installations on glass, some call it minimalist art, he calls them “i quadri” or the pictures.  By whatever name a rose, here are the trials:

piccolo principe - flashThis is with the flash mechanism…it has a white sheet on the floor and is slightly inclined to reflect the sheet.

piccolo principe without flashThis is the second trial without the flash, always with the white sheet on the floor.

piccolo principe reflecting wooden floorAnd this is the third trial…reflecting the wooden floor.

What I’m trying to do is bring out the objects whilst showing the mirror as a mirror.

My question is: how would you photograph a mirror and keep its mirror like qualities but still show the objects that compose the picture?  Could retouching work somehow to help keep the mirror’s quality?

I’d be much beholden to you photographers if you can find some time to send along some suggestions. Maybe you’ve already had the experience of photographing mirrors?

Thanks and have a great day!