Una Mattina – Chained Senryu – September 11, 2016

three drops of water
here, this dim dewy morning
yet another day

how does one measure
a long lonely day
in metres or feet

what of illusions
of togetherness now gone
that morning

three drops of water
not dew not tears not rain
yet another day

cathartic shocks
from a TV show)

white clouds pass
and evening comes and goes
yet nothing changes

unless this morning
is a new beginning
yet another day
in this splendid sunshine
the birds sing

© Gsk ‘16

I believe I’ve used Ludovico Einaudi’s music in the past … at least once – he was already in my tags but I’d like to thank Cheryl-Lynn Roberts for reminding me of this author this morning from her Facebook page.

Travelling – Fibo-Ku and Shadorma for Barb

On sun-kissed seas
Of happy imagination …
Seeking a vision of sunshine despite the rain fall …
I feel the salt upon my lips – warm sunshine – memories tucked away for days like today.

Just a trip
Through my mind and yet
The sun shines
The birds call
That was … is here once again
In the sea of mind.

For you Barb