Kenning Trials – dVerse


The werewolf-moon
shone bright that night
and quickened therefore
her blood
with romantic thoughts
of sexy-rides
with her lover and yet more …
The crystal-light
lit up the night
lit up her soul and more …
there in the land
of moon-tales told
are stories
of love and horror too …
when did the moon
become love-bane
when did we change
our love to fear?
For we’ve always seen
love-moon’s full bliss
as a call
to wolfish-men.
Out came the werewolf-moon
that night
and then the transformation …
for  mild-mannered
loving creature
a ravishing love-machine.
Oh fancy that
myths always spoke
of this strange metamorphosis …
from ancient Greece
to London-wolves
lycanthropy’s been known …
ancient warrior-rites
changed into
in the middle ages
ah, magic-moon
the tales you’ve weaved
mixed up
with love-tales
and still we speak
of the same haunty moon.

For Kennings – dVerse – a first trial to be continued at a later date, I hope.