Biography in 12 Poems – May 2, 2016

Biography in Twelve Verses



menacing challenge

a drifting figure
like a storm or summer breeze
– father

all-pervasive night

whimsy and horror
kaleidoscope of events

blocking the exit
growing up

pin-point and bright
wavering uncertainly
saving light

the inner voice commands
the silence

throwing off fear
trusting once again
or no

this closed window
keeping out the weather
and the sunshine

plain truth –
equilibrium isn’t
balancing stones

momentary dazzling light
in monotony

at sixty-four
a rocky stability
after the tears flowed

© G.s.k. ‘16


Whirligig 57: THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Weather” by Linda Pastan: menace, father, black, childhood, blocking, light, speak, throwing, window, plain, dazzling, after 

Poets on the Page – MONDAY, MAY 2, 2016 Poetry Prompts

Poetry Prompts:
Write for ten minutes asking what balance means to you, how balanced or unbalanced your life is, and/or what feels balanced to you.


Write about balance in nature, where you see it and/or feel it.

Word Prompts:


A late Whirligig – Wordleing – April 17, 2015

 photo 8e2aec42-c20f-47e1-aa74-0e200988c1f8_zpspfxveprd.jpg

Into the mirror
He vented about age
While brushing his hair
And washing his face.
Ah! How time seemed to ravish him
Tooth, nail and pate!
Then he looked at his weight,
And just shook his head …
So, he spooned up some syrup
To make a change in his fate –
An orange flavoured mixture
To stop the aging process
To leave a page maybe yet unturned
(At least for a while, or so he prayed)
Hoping to cement
At least, his hair on his head
And not dirty the sink
Each morning at dawn
And before he went to bed!
He wanted to stop
His aging prematurely
After all he was just barely ninety-one.

© G.s.k. ‘15

 This is a late entry for Sunday Whirligig 2 which comes out on Wednesday April 8 … I thought I had an e-mail that would advise me when the post came out, but I was mistaken … Many thanks to Magical Mystical Teacher for subbing for the Sunday Whirl!

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