Through the Labyrinth – Magpie Tales – June 1, 2014

through the labyrinth
of  memories
mildew perfumed
a little dingy
with old plates
and broken chairs …
a stray thought
from a former belief
tucked away in cob-webbed pigeon holes,
my high school years,
my first kiss,
a misogynist history teacher,
my first look at Marx,
a game of darts,
love poetry
(wrapped in desparation
and hot tears)
leaving home …
I’d invite you in but you might get
locked away in my secret room
another memory – a reowr
or a whimper
who knows.

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Quatrain – The Painting – Magpie Tales #198

The Ice Cutters, 1911, Natalia Goncharova

The Ice Cutters, 1911, Natalia Goncharova


The Painting…

The men went to the lake
To collect the ice at dawn
They had a hearty take
So then they soon were gone!

The painter was naif I think,
The scene was really iffy…
He used a lot of white paint…
Though his figures are quite spiffy.

The houses in the back
Worry me a bit you see
The rooves are just too flat
For a land where you could ski.

Seems I’m quite distracted
By the painting, I lost the effect…
My muse has just reacted
To the details and not the subject!

magpie tales statue stamp 185

Mag 196 – Kyrielle Sonnet: Black Angel

Mag 196

wings 5

Kyrielle Sonnet (variation 6 syllables)

Black Angel

Dark angel of the night
Black wings ready for flight,
Temptress, lady of sleep…
Come now my heart to reap!

I dream, so see her face,
Lovely and full of grace.
Yet tears I’ll surely weep.
My heart is hers to keep.

Alas, sad cold morning!
You came without warning!
I long to be asleep…
For need of her is deep.

Dark angel of the night
My heart is hers to keep.

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