The News – dVerse Sketchbook



Sketchbook Poetry

The News

Tiddle taddle tell me the news
The gossip of a whole big world
All that there stuff I need to know
Like if Bieber will stay or go.

Stupid stuff fills up the program
Things that are there just as fillers
Even though the important things
Seems like propaganda to me

Shilly shally shallow people
Sit my ears on end they do
As the news goes on its way
Telling the world about another day

Tiddle Taddle TV news
You’ll burn inside a Babtist’s hell
You’re just gossips, tongue waggers
Your backbiting’s full of flame.

And if I should turn the TV off
And not pollute my mind today
What would happen then to me
Uninformed and maybe really free?


“So for today, I want us to write “Sketchbook poetry” – poetry that captures a scene – poetry that is immediate and in the moment – jot down what you see – maybe even go for a walk and write outside – go into heavy details with what catches your attention, cut other things out”
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