My Favourite Haiku – Nobuko Katsura – September 25, 2015

Arco, Italy

Christmas –
this sadness of being a wife
when did I first feel it?

© Nobuko Katsura

I think there isn’t a wife (or husband) alive that hasn’t felt  this sadness at least once. Why? Because:

Prince Charming
without a magic sword
a husband

© G.s.k. ’15

Carpe Diem My Favorite Haiku By … #4 Buson’s sleep with “daki kago”

Reflections on Marriage gleaned from Samuel Coleridge – Wordle – June 27, 2015

 photo f873aeee-0f1e-4a64-ab9d-8fe8429573f2_zps6t3ge6wk.jpg

Elsewhere in time
Records play our favourite songs
Hands meet
We kiss sitting in shadows –
Our eyes lost in each other’s soul
Searching for an idea
As we walk the way of love.

Letters were written
Never seeing a mailbox
But creating the book
That is our relationship …
Until the sympathy ran out
Leaving us only with our love
And the battle that is marriage.

© G.s.k. ‘15

Sympathy constitutes friendship;
but in love there is a sort of antipathy, or opposing passion.
Each strives to be the other,
…. and both together make up one whole.  Samuel Coleridge

I found this quote at The Muscleheaded Blog and decided to use it to “Wordle” a poem ….


The Marriage Question – Free Verse

filled her moral-mind
with strange virtuosity …
though gay-inclined
she thought
her life-mate should be male
left she then her
to explore man-kind …
married then she – a he….
though for twenty years
her life-mate had been a she …
funny …
I’ve known married-maids
who’ve thought
t’would be better
to be gay-inclined
than pass another
day intwined
inside choking-vines
of male “normal-nuptual”
bliss (?) …
could we not say
that the problem mightn’t lay
in being gay or not …
but rather I fear,
’tis the marriage-road
that she took twice
which made her feel prison-bound!
I fear, that she
might never feel
at peace
gay or not
for she’s not free with-in herself.

Quatern: feline nature

Feline Nature


Feline nature

Daily I walked alone and free
And problems I had not a one.
Living and working just for me,
Everything was much more fun.

I managed my time as I pleased
Daily I walked alone and free
No one to blandish or appease
None with whom I’d to disagree

With him there’s little space for me,
For  I have a feline’s nature.
Daily I walked alone and free,
Limitations don’t make me purr.

Always to have to compromise
Just makes me want to shout and flee
Return to feline paradise…
Daily I walked alone and free.

For Quatern and Challenge by Cubby

Group Effect: Ninja Stuff-Finding Radar

Group Effect

Ninja stuff-finding radar

My man wouldn’t get far
Without my Ninja stuff-finding radar.
When he needs something you see,
Helplessly, he relies completely on me,
’cause I’m a woman.

Frantic – he looks for his keys or his socks!
Panic hits – he can’t find what he wants!
Finally I move forward – I turn on that radar,
Skillfully with panache I find what he’s lost,
’cause I’m a woman.

Doubtless women can lose things too.
But they just keep on looking without further ado.
Searching they move things until the lost is found.
No one feels awestruck, this just doesn’t astound,
’cause they’re women.

Now men are a different breed altogether.
How can we expect them to find things at all?
Unless there’s a woman with her Ninja radar,
Stress overpowers them, leaves them agape,
’cause they’re not woman.

So my dear ladies don’t be surprised.
When once married you suddenly find,
That you’ve got magic powers built right inside.
That finds all those things no husband can find,
’cause you’re a woman.


Dedicated to Barb Taub I should really say that this poem wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t been for Barb’s very funny Post written yesterday, and it was while we were commenting that she came up with “Ninja Stuff-finding radar”.  Thanks Barb!

OctPoWriMo 2013: Day 4

Free Verse: and I forget

hiding my eyes

Free Verse

And I forget

hand in hand we’ve walked
through good times and not
we’ve had our quarrels
we’ve fought,
and each time I say:
“this is the last time!”
and then
you’ll do something
and I forget.

hand in hand we’ve walked
through good times and not
the times that frustration
made me want
to leave and go off,
I say to myself:
“this will be the last time!”
and then
you’ll do something
and I forget.

hand in hand we’ve walked
through good times and not
early mornings reflecting
of all the good we’ve got
and you wake up bad,
I say to myself:
“this has got to stop!”
and then
you’ll do something
and I forget.

hand in hand we’ve walked
through good times and not
moments of tenderness
make me go on
and if in bad times
I say
“this story has got to end”
and right then
you’ll do something
and I forget.