For Robin Williams – a little late (Free Verse)


For Robin Williams – a little late

behind his happy mask
a loner
as an extrovert
in a superficial world
that prizes aggressiveness
out-going panache
did he look in the mirror
of lying reflections
and listen to the music
of the clown
who laughs – through his tears,
so the whole world
could laugh at him
feeling uplifted …
yet his soul
tattered and shredded
drowned in depression
and alone he left
this world
in tears.

© G.s.k. ‘15

 Tale Weaver #41 – Masks

Masks and Mirror – August 22, 2014


my mask and mirror
each tells its own story
one to me one to you

lowering my mask
you see me for a second
eyes mirroring souls

each one his own mask
the mirror can’t penetrate
what’s hidden within

the mystery
that hides behind your mask
a clouded mirror

[…] “Even the masks of life are masks of deeper mystery”. […]

© Khalil Gibran “Sea and Foam”

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai