Prose Poem: you walk on

Prose Poem

you walk on

There are days, when for no special reason, you wonder, what it’s all about.  Why were you born, where are you going, are you going anywhere…you don’t know, you don’t have any answers only questions, so you walk on. Continue reading

Poetry: Voices of the Sea

Baldy Prompt Voices


The voices of the sea spoke to me
whispering of peace, serenity
flapping sails thundering
as stiff wind filled them suddenly
water hissed as we plowed through
spraying water from our prow

ting tin tinging of the ropes
as they beat upon the mast
and the winds, those gusting winds
they filled my ears from north or south
and spoke of adventure ‘ere so near
and the life I’d glady lead, hearing
forever their lovely voices!

I miss the voices of the storms
the gentle breeze that lightly charms
the gulls in every port of call
the un-silent voice of sailing
the voices of my youth.