He followed me Home – Power Short – November 26, 2014


Sheep Control Pawel Kuczynski 36

Pawel Kuczynski


Riding down highway 101 the police officer jumped off his chopper and pulled out his gun. “That’s the Monsanto sheep you’ve stolen, my friend” said the cop, “I just got the bulletin!”  As he called up for back-up he took the rope from the guy’s lax hand.

“I didn’t steal it and now that’s a fact!” said the chap dressed from head to foot in merino menswear. “It jump over it’s fence just a little ways back and follow me hence.”

A few day’s later, the judge had to agree after doing a few experiments. The sheep followed anyone dressed in merino wool, out of sheer loneliness, the zoologist for the defense explained. Monsanto’s newest invention … merino sheep made for fleece, recognized the wool of a fellow sheep, or so it thought.

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